April 7, 2020

Sports & Corks 1.20: Bowl Szn Greetings

Bowl szn is in full swing (1:06). College basketball continues to provide chaos (17:23). Wild card weekend is coming up (24:45). Mental health awareness gives us the bigger than sports moments for the week (31:05). 

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Emily grew up in the great state of Colorado, then decided the University of Wyoming sounded like a good time. She’s a three-time University of Wyoming Intramural Champion, which truly contributed to the rec sports office. Since graduating, she has tried to figure out how not to become an adult. To fully commit to this, she’s a part-time cheesecake maker and a semi-pro adventurer. Sometimes she shares her unpopular opinions on sports and life, if this interests you, she can be found on Twitter and Instagram like a true millennial @emilproblems.

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