April 18, 2024

Shawntez’s Tailgate Menu – Week 7

Golden Delicious

This week kicks off pretty slow. There’s a big matchup at the Texas State Fair where Oklahoma and Texas show down in the Red River Rivalry, but that’s about all that’s worth paying attention to early on. The Big Ten can’t even save us this week, as the only ranked team they have in the first time slot is Michigan taking on Illinois, and that’s just gross. Maryland plays Purdue which is just two question marks running into each other, and the ACC tries to spare us mercy with ranked Virginia heading down to take on the Hurricanes in Miami. Maybe click around a bit, or just watch Jalen Hurts throw for 500 yards for the Sooners.
What You’ll Need: Crown Royal Apple, Apple pucker, pineapple juice
A refreshing drink that starts to bring a little bit of that fall apple flavor into your life! Mix together 2 parts Crown Apple with 1 part Apple Pucker and then top off your drinking vessel with pineapple juice. It’s a bright and flavorful drink that’s great for sipping down all day!

Rosé Spritz

The afternoon definitely jumps into high gear for us. Iowa State tries to keep up its good fortunes against West Virginia. Michigan State tries their luck against Wisconsin, and they’ll certainly need some luck. Alabama heads to Texas A&M vs the Aggies who are looking for a big upset to keep themselves ranked. Washington State needs to bounce back big against a ranked Arizona State team, and Florida State is also looking to put their name back on the map against Clemson. There’s a lot of higher ranked teams looking at some opponents that might be able to pull some punches and make things interesting so keep a close eye, it should be fun!

Angry Orchard released this beverage this summer and if you’re a fan of their Rosé cider this should be a hit for you. A similar level of sweetness but also the shot that they took towards the booming seltzer market. This is bound to be a bit sweeter than most of the seltzers on the market, but if you’re looking for a quick pick me up this should do the trick!

Spicy Beef Nacho Dip

Make sure you’re seatbelts are fastened and you’re stocked up for a few hours of hot and heavy CFB action because this Saturday is wild. We have a Top Ten matchup with Florida heading west to Baton Rouge to take on the LSU Tigers. This is going to be a slobber-knocker of a football game with both teams having plenty of firepower to go blow for blow with each other. Beyond that, the Iowa Hawkeyes are hosting the Penn State Nittany Lions, and both teams would love to come out with a conference win at the end of the night. But if there’s anything I’ve learned in my past, watch out for Iowa in night games, especially when a high ranked PSU team comes to town. USC is taking on Notre Dame in a classic rivalry showdown. However, I’m not sure it’s in the cards for the Trojans to pull this one off and I will begrudgingly award the Fightin’ Irish this win early. Once some of this starts to wind down, our boys in blue out west carry us into the late hours! Boise State hosts Hawaii and this is a big time Mountain West game. Hawaii has been slinging the ball similar to the Rainbow Warriors of old so this could be a lot of fun!
What You’ll Need: 1 block Velveeta (they have a Mexican flavor!), jalapenos, 1 lb. ground beef, Ro-tel tomatoes, seasoning, crock pot
This is an incredibly simple recipe! It’s literally almost impossible to mess up. To start, turn on the crock pot to high, cut the Velveeta block into smaller chunks and put it in to let it melt. While it melts, begin browning the ground beef. When it’s done browning, cover in taco seasoning or whatever spices and seasonings you might desire. I thought about trying the Magnum Deadeye seasoning but I thought too late. As the Velveeta melts, dice up some jalapenos and add them into the crock pot with the Ro-tel. If your ground beef is now done, go ahead and throw that in as well. Stir as it becomes a melty, cheesy wonder. When it’s all melted and mixed, switch to Warm mode and serve!

Week 7 should be a blast! Plenty of action to look forward to, but at the same time you’ll be perfectly fine sleeping in a bit and not missing much! Check in with me around 5:30 pm on Saturday to see how frustrated I am about losing sports bets and I hope you do better than me! As always, stay safe, stay hydrated and I hope your favorite team wins this weekend!

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