July 15, 2024

Shawntez’s Tailgate Menu – Week 2

How about that week 1! A lot of teams coasted through their warm up games performing as expected, some gave us heart attacks and almost made me throw my phone into a lake, but I won’t name names. Anyway, Week 2 isn’t packing much of a punch as far as the ranked teams go but there’s a couple that can help maybe make your Saturday enjoyable, so let’s get to it!

Honey Ginger

A nice stiff drink to kick off what could be a long day with a few bright spots. The early slate is heavy on Big Ten teams. Ohio State, Michigan and Iowa all come into the week ranked and hosting unranked teams. OSU gets Cincinnati, Michigan takes on triple-option monster Army and Iowa gets traditional powerhouse Rutgers. The Big Ten will have one game that might be a little interesting to watch as Syracuse goes to College Park to take on Maryland. Two fairly similar teams that could definitely put on a bit of a show!

What You’ll Need: Honey whiskey, lime juice, ginger beer

This one is simple and quite refreshing. Fill your glass with ice and add in 2 shots of honey whiskey. Next add in a good splash of lime juice, fresh squeezed is always the way to go but the bottled stuff works too. Top off your drink with ginger beer, give it good stir and sip it on down!

Buzz Wtr

Let’s move into the afternoon schedule where there’s actually some decent stuff to look forward to! Texas A&M is taking on Clemson in a big time 12 vs 1 matchup. These are two teams who have had some pretty amazing teams along with some pretty amazing games over the last handful of years. There’s a lot of anticipation here and could shake up the top of the polls early in the year. Nebraska dropped a spot since last week and is tied at 25 with Iowa State in the AP Poll, but they’re headed to take on Colorado in a meeting of two former Big XII North teams. The Buffs put up some big points against in-state rival Colorado State last week and Scott Frost is looking to keep the Huskers on the winning path. This one could be a lot of fun to watch. Beyond that, the afternoon features the SEC playing some very very not good teams, so if you’re into watching the second string of some very good teams I guess click over to the SEC Network.

Buzz Wtr is a product that I discovered this last weekend and it certainly caught the attention of some of my friends. Think White Claws, but without the carbonation. It’s genuinely like drinking regular flavored water but it has a 5% ABV. It’s an even better way to keep hydrating while you drink!

Juicy Lucy

Saturday night is highlighted by the big time matchup of LSU taking on Texas in the ultimate battle to see who is actually back! This matchup of 6 vs 9 (nice) is going to be a huge moment for which ever team comes out victorious. Being able to notch a Top 10 win is huge for any team. The Pac-12 is kicking off some conference games Saturday night also. Stanford takes on USC in a rivalry game that is usually reserved for later in the season and Cal is most likely going to get steamrolled by Washington.

What you’ll need: ground beef, American cheese, buns, any condiments you’d like

I must admit out the gate that the above picture is not actually the Juicy Lucy I made this week. Mine needed a little extra work but I’m going to help explain how to avoid my mistakes! The Juicy Lucy is a wonderful delicacy brought to us from the Twin Cities with numerous places claiming to invent the sandwich. The way I made my burgers was to split a pound of ground beef into 4 equal portions and push into patties. I didn’t make mine thin enough so cooking turned into a bit of a mess for me, so make sure your patties are thin enough that they’ll cook through, but also be careful, if they’re too thin the cheese will melt out different orifices of the burger. When you have the patties laid out, lay out American cheese into the middle of 2 of the patties, then lay the plain patties over the top. Make sure to pinch off the edges of the patty sandwich to seal in the cheese. From here it’s fairly simple! On a grill, or in a frying pan, use medium to medium-high heat and let the burgers cook for 5-6 minutes on each side. Place the cooked patty onto a bun and top as you like! A bite or two into the sandwich and you’ll be greeted with a wonderful fountain of melted and potentially super hot cheese pouring out of your sandwich!

That’s all we’ve got this week! Make sure to check in again next week when I come back with more treats for everyone, and maybe even some kind of special treat for CyHawk week! Again if you have recipes you’d like to share make sure to send them to me on Twitter or find one of the 100 other ways to message me!

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