April 23, 2024

Mt. Rushmore Week: Softness

Everyone enjoys something soft from time to time, whether it be petting soft puppies or eating brie cheese. This is by no means all the soft things of the world, but more the softest of all soft categories. Softer than soft serve on a midsummer day. Softer than the inside of a roasted marshmallow. Softer than an ethically sourced down-alternative blanket. The softest of the soft:


Admit it, your day really needed some Australian Shepard puppies. They’re so soft and wonderful, of course they’re on the Mount Rushmore of Softness! Not only are they soft, looking at them has made your heart soft. It’s a win win.

Brie Cheese

Who doesn’t enjoy a good charcuterie board with some brie? It’s so soft and creamy and perfect. You love it because it’s soft, and that’s quite alright.

Snuggle Bear

What would a list of softness be without Snuggle Bear? Homie basically invented softness when it comes to the fabrics you put on and around your body.


The softest of the soft things, the one and only Aubrey Graham. His emotions know no depth, they’re beautiful, poetic, and softer than 12-ply toilet paper.

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