June 21, 2024

Mt. Rushmore Week: Keanu Movies

After looking back through Keanu’s filmography on IMDB, I soon realized that I’ve missed almost all of his lesser known work and “indie” projects, and I want to admit this from the get go. So you may disagree and respond accordingly to my picks but that’s the way these things go. Hope you enjoy my installment for Mt. Rushmore week, but either way my picks are the correct ones!

4. The Matrix 1999 (trilogy)

What can I say? these were incredibly groundbreaking movies in their time. Sure, looking back on them now, we may find the CGI not holding up as well as today’s big budget SciFi flicks, but the story was just so out there and fascinating I have to rank this one. Think about all the movies that copied the freeze and spin action shot! I’ll tell you.. a fuck ton of movies copied that shit.

3. Constantine (2005)

This one will probably surprise, confuse and possibly piss some people off, but anyone who knows me will not be surprised that this 2005 SciFi flick is on my Mt. Rushmore of Keanu movies. I still can’t believe we haven’t gotten a sequel to this one. I enjoyed every minute of this one and hopefully someday they get to the second one.

2. John Wick (2014)

Even though this is now a trilogy and I must admit that I have not yet seen the sequels so this could possibly be moved to my #1 spot, although, it would take some pretty good #2 and #3 to edge out my top spot. This flick has it all, guns, cars, assassins….what more could you ask for?

And now for my all time #1 Keanu movie [drum roll]

1. Point Break (1991)

This has been one of my favorite flicks forever. Sure it’s kind of a silly story, and it doesn’t have any fancy CGI, but this bad boy has some of the best ’90s actors all in one film. Swayze, Reeves, Busey and future A League of Their Own, Free Willy and Tank Girl star, Lori Petty, as well as Red Hot Chilli Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis. Quite the lineup of stars if I do say so myself. By the way the remake of this is almost as bad as the remake of True Grit, don’t even get me started on that.

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