June 12, 2024

We made it to 1,000

When Ted first had the idea of creating what came to be The Tailgate Society it was never clear how far the idea would grow.

Well, today we all stand here and celebrate our 1,000th post!

I think I can speak on behalf of everyone that it’s been an exciting time watching this place grow.

From what started as a series of promo tweets that led to the official launch of the site, to what it is now…Ted, I hope you’re proud of your baby.

Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

This site continues to be filled with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds, age groups and locations. Some people continue to think that Wendy’s is somehow the top food chain while others are somehow eating brussel sprouts because it brings them joy? Some people don’t believe Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and others are wrong.

You name the topic, and we’ve probably written about it or could find someone who has been sitting on a draft about it. I think that’s what makes this place so special. Ted and the OG team built this place from the ground up and gave a group of us a place to freely write about everything and anything that matters to us.

Something I also want to take the time to acknowledge is that this place is made up of a group of people who became family. I’ve written about this myself, but this place really is something special. We keep in contact with each other daily, we plan hangouts and the support we have for each other is special.

Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

Guys, I legit mailed an assortment of stuff I collected from the Vikings to a bunch of the guys who all live in different states. I legit walked into a post office for the first time in ages to mail packages to all my internet pals.

I know for myself, every accomplishment I have had since I joined this site has been shared and processed with these people. Any fears I have about the real world has been discussed with these people. Guys, my literal press pass for the Super Bowl has my headshot on it that was edited by a TGS member because I needed a plain background.

I could write an even bigger list if I had the time and you cared to read, but I just want everyone to know that this community may be a hot mess express sometimes, but it’s just a bunch of genuine people who came together to build on a vision our good pal Ted had.

Somehow, nobody has killed anybody and we’ve managed not to burn the place down. Especially when Ted goes to the gym and leaves me in charge of the office. Who trusts the youths?

Mainly, I want to say thank you on behalf of our whole team. We are just your average group of people who are just really passionate enough about some stuff that we decide to write about it. We’re extremely thankful that you guys take the time to read our stuff and listen to our podcasts. Without the support and following of our fellow tailgaters we wouldn’t be who we are.

Additionally, a special thank you needs to go out to Deadeye BBQ. Without them, none of this would have happened, and we certainly wouldn’t have been able to make it to 1,000. Their generosity and support over the past 3+ years has been instrumental to everything we do.

So cheers to 1,000 and to the next thousand and the thousand after that.

Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

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