August 16, 2022

TGS / Deadeye Bracket Busters 2019

TGS & Deadeye Swag

We here at TGS love a lot of things – championships, beer, drinking beer before and after championships – you get the idea. But another one of our favorite things is rewarding our friends with free stuff!

This years First Place winner will take home a Tailgate Society pint glass, and some Deadeye BBQ Sauce. Second place winner will get a TGS pint glass.

Wanna play? Just make your bracket name either your @Twitter handle or real name so we can get in touch with you for your prizes.

Tami Dooley 140 Articles

Tami is from Idaho. She's a fan of the Boise State Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, college football on the whole, and almost thought about becoming a baseball fan for a minute one time. Send whiskey.

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