July 15, 2024

Ranking the Logos of the AAF

The NFL season has finally come to a close, but luckily this year the football hangover doesn’t kick in immediately. Instead the Alliance of American Football made its debut just six days after the Super Bowl. The AAF is similar to all other forms of American football with a few changes, but we’re not here to dive into all of that.

I’ve been excited for the AAF to finally happen for a variety of reasons but being a fan of minor league and semi-pro leagues around the country is a big one. So, as the season approached, I realized I needed to pick a favorite team in this new league, and what better way to do it than by picking which one rolled out the best logo! In this list, I’ll countdown the logos in the AAF from worst to best, finally revealing my favorite logo, and, therefore, team at the end.

8. Salt Lake Stallions

The Salt Lake Stallions have the logo that does the least for me. I usually enjoy a combination of light and dark blues together. I am a Titans fan after all. This one just doesn’t fit for me. The colors are supposed to be a reflection of the colors of Utah, from the Great Salt Lake to the Wasatch Mountains. In theory, this is awesome to incorporate, but it’s a no from me (helmets are sweet tho).

7. Atlanta Legends

Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta. Feels like there was potential with this one, but it just fell flat. The name is based off the many different historical figures from the city, which maybe left the possiblities too wide open. I don’t dislike the color scheme but the blocky, cursive lettering for the nickname just looks goofy to me. The “S” at the end of Legends just sort of hangis out on an island, in turn keeping the Atlanta lettering not centered. Just all looks a touch too janky for me.

6. Arizona Hotshots

The Hotshots actually put out a neat image that I enjoy, but the colors are just an ugly mishmash. They’re colors that are representative of Arizona firefighters, for which the team takes its name. However, it just doesn’t go well together for me. Side note: I tried to not let uniforms sway me too much on these, but the uniforms that Arizona wore in week 1 were atrocious.

5. Birmingham Iron

Simple. Sleek. Black and silver is an undefeated color combination and will be until the end of time. This logo is actually great, just a touch too bland for me. Carrying over from a previous comment about not letting uniforms sway me too much, Birmingham has the most perfectly simplistic black and silver helmets a fan could ask for.

4. Orlando Apollos

Probably the most “artsy” looking logo of the bunch comes to us from the Sunshine State. The Apollos logo features the Greek god Apollo shooting a bow and arrow, creating the “O” for the city name. That’s pretty cool. I like the color scheme but it seems just a little bit off. Not sure if the orange is a bit too dark for my liking or if it’s a strange clash of the two oranges against the navy blue. It’s well done, but not quite top 3 for me.

3. San Antonio Commanders

This is where it gets especially tricky. I actually really like this logo that San Antonio put together. The offsetting reds work really well together, especially on the outline of The Alamo at the top. A lot of military history of the town is represented just in the logo alone, which was a great touch. No specific complaints about this one. Everything from here on just did more for me.

2. San Diego Fleet

This one is proof that I’m using as little bias towards the uniform as I can! San Diego crushed this. With the famous naval presence in the Southern California city this seems like a no-brainer, but nobody else has done it yet. Using “battleship gray” as a primary color is another no-brainer. The branding here is perfect from top to bottom, even if the jerseys are decidedly not. Using a battleship and classic military and naval colors was too easy, but it’s also spot on.

1. Memphis Express

Here’s the winner! An American classic. Red, white and blue reigns forever. These colors are almost impossible to mess up in the United States, so I won’t dive into that part. But the logo itself is pretty damn awesome to me. The name is meant to reflect Memphis being a major hub of mail and cargo transport (hello Fed Ex) and the logo gives a reflection of that. Granted, if you didn’t know this info it looks like a fighter jet flying through a giant E and that seems like a pretty awesome fall back for your logo.

There you have it! These are my rankings for the AAF logos, at least for this week. As I mentioned, a lot of these are pretty cool and I could interchange a few them pretty easily. Hell, I even switched a few around as I wrote this piece. I’m super intrigued by this league and am hoping for some good success from it. Hopefully I’ll bring you more thrilling AAF content in the coming weeks!

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