June 12, 2024

10 Life Changing Amazon Products

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The frugal life is the life that chose me, but I also love gadgets and finding small ways to make my life better. Saving money makes me happy, and so does saving time. Amazon Prime saves me a bunch on shipping and time, as I don’t have to go sort through discount stores and dozens of different websites myself anymore. Ain’t the future grand?

Shopping is still fun, but I get to do it from my couch while watching sports rather than wasting a day fighting crowds in a terrible retail store. It’s like if the Sears catalog from back in the day actually managed to make the Internet transition. Join the fun with me, and look at the ten things I’ve gotten on Amazon that have been life improving, even if in small ways.

10) This Color Changing Showerhead

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

Getting up in the morning and subjecting myself to the full horror of bright overhead lighting kinda sucked. This shower head fixed that. The LED’s are temp sensitive, so you know when your shower is hot enough to get in. I love this thing because it both softens our hard water on the cheap and saves my eyeholes from making me angry before I’ve even gotten coffee down. Win-win.

9) This Chainmail Cast Iron Pan Scrubber

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

If you have cast iron, you understand the pull to use your soapy sponge to wipe out the pan. Do that, though, and it trashes the cured finish. This contraption solves that problem because it’s so badass and works so quickly, a sponge no longer holds any appeal.

8) This Silicone Ring

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

My husband has a couple of beautiful rings that work for formal occasions, but they irritated him when typing or gaming. He also works with his hands and having a metal ring around machinery made me nervous. This silicone ring helped both of us: It doesn’t bother him when doing the manual stuff, and I’m not nervous about him ripping off a finger somehow. 👍🏼

7) These Washable Makeup Removal Cloths

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

Drugstore makeup wipes cost me about $3.50 a pack. I was tired of shelling out for something I was just going to throw away after using. Instead, I got these super fluffy microfiber cloths, and y’all, I laughed like a crazy person after the first use. My face was soft and clean. The waterproof eyemakeup just melted off in a few wipes. The damn thing even exfoliates. Get them dirty, toss them in the washer, and do it again. I spent just under $10 on makeup wipes this year, and my skin is literally better than ever.

6) This Reusable Keurig K-Cup

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

I love my Keurig for speed, but hated buying those stupid plastic cups full of whatever over and over again. Instead, I get regular-ass ground coffee and toss it in one of these. Slightly messier, but a bajillion times better for the planet.

5) This Makeup Brush Cleaning Do-hickey

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

Cleaning brushes sucks. This makes it suck less. The nubbins help get all that powder and crap out of there really quickly, and it’s also a good way to basically washboard your Beauty Blenders clean. For a little under $8, I got myself to quit being such a gross beast when it comes to stuff I’m putting on my face every day. A steal!

4) This Stupid Loud Bluetooth Speaker

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

Need some cheap bluetooth for the bathroom? Hate when your speakers talk back to you? The OontZ doesn’t have Alexa or Siri, but what it does have is a f*ckton of bass and too much volume for most bathrooms to hold comfortably. This thing gets used on a daily basis in our house.

3) This Face Picking Kit

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

Picking at your face is gross, but picking at it with sterilized tools, custom made for the job is just best practices when it comes to skincare.

2) These Bags That Make Veggies Last A While Longer

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

Mostly, I am dubious about As Seen on TV things, especially when it comes to buying more plastic. However, these turned out to work GREAT. One of my biggest money wasters is buying veggies that go bad before my lazy ass can cook them, so these helped immensely.

1) These Awesome Glasses Cleaners

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

Wiping my glasses on my shirt never worked right, and, really, neither did carrying around a cleaning cloth. These things are the first solution I’ve tried that doesn’t just leave a smeary mess to deal with. Small price, small effort, and big payoff in quality of life.

Amazon has its issues, and there are definitely ethics concerns around purchasing from them that makes the retail experience problematic. However, that’s kinda capitalism’s deal these days, isn’t it? If you can’t solve the world’s problems, maybe try to solve a few of your own by finding some low cost but high usage, quality things that help you along the way.

Besides, gotta have something to spark some more joy after Kondo-ing all your stuff this winter. You’ve earned it.

*Note: This is not a sponsored post.

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