July 15, 2024

WYMAT: Gearing Up for November

Watching the news feels surreal these days. I prefer to consume news via podcasts and NPR radio stations, and, yes, the news still doesn’t seem like real life. Then I go seek out other news, only to realize that the only good news comes from sports these days. I’m sure sports is due for a bad news day  very soon, as college basketball season shall soon be upon us #blessed. Until then, I’ll engage in my usual civic “duty” of sharing issues that people are mad about. As per usual, I tried to be very inclusive of all folks and their issues, from be it political or fashion-related. What can I say? I’m a writer for the people.

45 Back at It Again

The leader of the United States of America mocked a survivor of sexual assault. I’m not sure which part of this to place heavy emphasis on. The mocking of a sexual assault survivor? A leader mocking her? The president on his usual kool aid? I just don’t even know which part is more appalling. Actually, I do. There’s a very good chance everyone knows someone who is a survivor of sexual assault (probably more than one person). Mocking someone coming forward is a bad look. The leader of a country mocking someone coming forward? Yikes, fam. I mean, this is no small thing socially. Sexual assault impacts men and women, and for the “president” to be so flippant and mock a survivor just continues to normalize disrespecting other peoples’ bodies. If you want what you want, why not just take it? That’s pretty much his motto that he’s now encouraging his supporters with. Of course, typically only white men in power can really get away with taking what they want without any regard for how their actions affect others. What I’m learning in this era of Trump is that I wish I was a wealthy, white, heterosexual man.

No matter where you stand on Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, if you agree with mocking sexual assault allegations, reassess your life. I get it, the “president” makes disrespecting women seem cool. Fun fact: It’s not. When you don’t view someone as your equal, but as something you can take (i.e. property), you then start to have fewer problems with how you treat them. This can lead to more sexual assault, assault and battery, or killing someone. We’re not big fans of killing people, especially when we can prevent it by stomping out misogyny and creating a culture that casts off toxic masculinity. Whether or not you’re a fan of keeping this system in place that minimizes women’s voices, go vote (but please try to be considerate of women and minorities. we don’t really like how the system is set up for us to fail).

Brett Kavanaugh Wins

Saul Loeb/Pool Image via AP)

Keeping on brand with political things people are mad about, let’s talk about Brett Kavanaugh getting sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice. Based off the reactions of folks on social media, in regular media, and just general conversations in real life (yeah, people still have those), I’m sensing some anger. Though Brett and his cult following are quite pleased with the result, a good number of folks are mad. Sorry, Brett, I hate to be the bearer of bad news (no, I don’t), but people are livid about a certain someone getting a Supreme Court Justice seat. There are layers on layers of why people are frustrated and mad.

First, people are mad that no one seemed to care about the sexual assault allegations against him. From what I understand, people were mad about him being nominated anyway because of where he stands on Roe v Wade and birth control (apparently birth control is an abortion inducing drug, which is news to all the women in America using birth control to help with period issues and…not getting pregnant?). Basically, Brett has enemies. He’s got a lot of enemies. He’s got a lot of people tryna drain him of his energy. Across the board people are mad about this one. From protesters of Brett Kav, to protesters of the protesters, to folks who just want someone to understand how birth control works. In 20 years, we’re going to look back on this year and probably cry a little, not sure if it will be out of happiness or despair. If you want to influence why you’re crying in 20 years, I have a pro tip, go vote and call your representative.

Elected public officials have an actual civic duty to act in the interest of their constituents (and apparently fill their own pockets). Don’t be that person who down the road is like “wow, I really could have made an impact if I had just gotten off my butt.” Get up, learn about who’s running, register to vote before the deadline, and then go vote. Refuse to live a life of complacency.

CFB Upsets

Upsets on upsets in college football! I live for upsets in college football (it’s not like my team is about to be upset, truly, I wish they would cause one). College football is fun because of how wild results can be. Let me just list off the upsets that made me happy but made many other folks mad:

  1. Utah State brought BYU kids to saying “crap”
  2. Texas won one of the biggest rivalry games in college football against the Sooners
  3. Iowa State beat Oklahoma State (bad weekend of the state of Oklahoma, and, to make matters worse, they’re drinking 3.2 beer to drown their sorrows)
  4. Texas A&M snatched victory from Kentucky
  5. Mississippi State said “Auburn who?”
  6. Utah laid the wood for Stanford

If you’re a BYU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kentucky, Auburn, or Stanford fan, I’ll pour one out for you (BYU fans, I’ll pour out a Coke). I can only imagine what you’re mad-sad about this fine weekend. I’m right there with you being sad about the Pokes taking an L to Hawai’i.

Ye in His Feelings

Kanye has feelings, people, and he shared them on SNL. This is what y’all mad about today. He was mad recently and went on a rant. He then had to clarify a comment he mad about abolishing the 13th Amendment (this one “abolished” slavery, a topic we could dig right into). Kanye has since said he meant we should change the 13th Amendment. People are mad in different camps for this one. There’s the whole “we don’t want to get rid of the 13 Amendment camp.” There’s the “we should definitely get rid of the 13 Amendment camp without any changes like Kanye wants.” And then there’s the camp of people just unhappy with Kanye. I’m sure if gets in good with Brett Kavanaugh, he might get his wish.

Melania Has a Message For You

The First Lady wants people to care more about her work than about what she’s wearing. This is a fair ask of a woman in her position (and all women, we are more than a skin sack with good hair and make up). Now, to play devil’s advocate, first ladies receive a commentary on what they wear before the media latches onto whatever work their doing. I’m absolutely not saying it’s right. I’m just apathetic at this point when it comes to society shutting women down. I mean, come on Melania, what did you expect with how things outside of what you’re wearing are going? Though, truly, I am curious about your Egypt trip and want to know if it’s safe for me to spend my spring holiday. Yeah, girl, I’m asking you about what you’re doing not what you’re wearing, because I see that you’re mad about people always focusing on your wardrobe. You’re more than that Indiana Jones getup.


Reuters: Carlo AllegriJones get up.

Detroit Students go on Strike

Y’all, some kids in Michigan are mad and rightfully so. Students in Detroit went on strike for clean water in the Detroit Public School System. They were not feeling heard, so naturally a peaceful protest was the way to go. I could barely make it to class on time in high school, never mind protesting the way the school system was treating me. Folks, kids coming up these days have a lot to say and they are willing to use their voice to advocate for change. I support this 100%, however, I’m mad that kids are using their voices more than those in positions of power. What a world we live in where high school students have to demand clean water to drink. In the United States of America, a country that claims to be the best in the world. If this doesn’t light your fire to vote in November, let me know what issues make you mad and I’ll try to get you so mad you go vote.


If you couldn’t guess, I really want people to educate themselves and go vote. The reason I try to hit on things that make people unhappy is to hopefully motivate you to want to make a change. Collectively, we can make changes. Voting is a starting point for those changes. Vote for people who will uphold your values. Tell your friends to educate themselves and go vote. While I obviously lean a certain way, of course I see more value in everyone learning about candidates and packing those polling locations in November. Of course, I don’t want you waste your vote with write in for Harambe and Deez Nuts. Please, regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on, vote. Help make a difference. Don’t just vote because someone aligns with your party. Make sure they align with your values! So stay mad about something in your community and go fight for change.

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