April 23, 2024

Shawntez’s Tailgate Drink Menu – Week 8

I think we’re all still trying to collect our thoughts and gather our breath from Week 7 because that was a doozy. Seven ranked teams fell to lower ranked or unranked opponents, and a couple others fell to higher ranked opponents which makes for a heck of a shake up in the rankings. LSU put a huge kink in Georgia’s plans for the season by beating them by nearly 3 touchdowns! Pitt scared the Irish, and stayed interesting all the way to the final minute. Oregon probably finalized the fact that the Pac-12 won’t be in the playoff. Michigan bested Wisconsin and Auburn lost to Tennessee and I can’t leave out the fact that Iowa State absolutely dominated West Virginia in every aspect of the game.

Week 8 offers a few good games, but I’m not sure we’ll touch even half the excitement of last week, so let’s dive in!

Afghan Jesus Juice

The morning has a few decent games to keep an eye on. Cincinnati heads Philadelphia to take on Temple that has a great chance to be a hell of a game. Temple has shown it has the ability to be a very good football team, but consistency has been the biggest issue. Oklahoma takes on TCU who’s 1-3 in their last four games, with the lone win being squeaked out against Iowa State, so we’ll see what kind of energy they bring to the field. The highlight is going to be Michigan taking on Michigan State. The weather looks like it’ll be gross and this rivalry is always one to keep an eye on. Michigan just got a big win and is looking to keep this train rolling.

What You’ll Need: Vodka, flavored vodka, Spiced rum, lemonade, orange juice

A pitcher or empty jug is the best way to mix this, but if you want to attempt it one glass at a time, more power to you. In a jug, add in 2 shots of vodka, 3-4 shots of spiced rum and 2 shots of flavored vodka. The original recipe calls for raspberry vodka but I think just about any fruit flavored vodka should work well with this drink. Next, just add in about 12 ounces of each fruit juice and then stir well and serve!

Hot Whipped Chocolate

The afternoon also contains a couple games that should be entertaining, some of them for completely different reasons than others. NC State heads to Clemson to try and snag an unlikely win, but it would greatly help them in the ACC standings. Minnesota heads to Lincoln to take on Nebraska. Nebraska did some pretty incredible things last week to absolutely shoot themselves in the foot to fall to 0-6. Tennessee tries to knock off teams from Alabama in back-to-back weeks, but it seems highly unlikely, with Alabama being an absolute machine.

What You’ll Need: Hot chocolate, whipped vodka

The weather is dropping so we’re going to give you something to help keep warm. In your Thermos, Yeti, mug, whatever it may be, make your favorite mixture of hot chocolate. Simply add in two shots of whipped vodka, and if you can find it Pinnacle apparently makes a chocolate whipped vodka that you should probably give a try here.

Lemonade Knockout

The night time slate isn’t beautiful but there’s still football to be played and some cool story lines floating around. Mississippi State is freshly ranked and heads into Death Valley to take on the LSU Tigers. I can’t promise this will be the good game that some people are maybe expecting, but what do I know? Then there’s the host of the big story of the weekend. Oregon heads to Washington State as College Gameday finally makes the trip to Pullman after years of fans trying to convince them to do so. The story is pretty cool and this feels like something that is finally rewarding a lot of dedication from fans.

What You’ll Need: vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, sour mix, lemonade

This is one of the millions of twists on the Long Island Iced Tea. You’ll want to add equal parts of the 4 liquors into your glass. Next you’ll fill the rest of the glass with lemonade leaving enough room to top with a splash of sour mix. Garnish with anything from a lemon to a strawberry as seen above!


Rootbeer Barrel shots are an absolute treat! They’re a wonderful way to celebrate a touchdown, turnover or victory. A smooth and surprisingly tasty drink comes from this combination. This shot is taken like a bomb of any other kind, but the ingredients differ. Your energy drink is subbed out for a light beer. Then you fill a shot glass with rootbeer schnapps or vodka, then drop the shot into the beer and slam it down! A big complaint and way to get out of this is the “I don’t like beer” folks. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but you really don’t get a beer taste with this too much.

That’s all we got for week 8! it won’t be the most exciting week of the season but it should be interesting from beginning to end, you just may need to flip around a bit. As always, stay safe, stay hydrated and I hope everyone’s team wins this weekend! If you try something above make sure to let me know what you think! Have a great weekend folks!


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