June 21, 2024


I have been a Miami Dolphins fan for pretty much my entire life. I can’t pinpoint an exact date, or game, or anything like that, but it was Dan Marino who made me a Fins fan. This is where people would say in a breakup, “It’s not you it’s me.” Well Miami, it is you.

For the last decade or more, it seems like you won’t stop shitting the bed. You aren’t terrible and you aren’t any good. You always just seem to be average which means you never get a high draft pick, but also never get a playoff victory. So I think it is time for a change.

I am not saying I won’t stay a fan of yours. I am saying I am opening my recruitment. They only reason I have stuck around this long is because of loyalty, and not having to deal with lifelong friends asking why I am switching teams. Let’s be honest, I care more about my fantasy team then the Fins anymore. Maybe I should just do what fellow TGS member and former Dolphins fan, Tom Danielson, did and jump ship to the Vikings….

The one thing I am looking for in a new team (if I decide to leave), is that they can’t have won a championship in the last 25 years. I don’t want to be known as a bandwagon fan. I want the team to be fun – from the fans to the players.

Maybe I am just tired of being a Dolphins fan in the midwest where no one cares. Maybe I just want to crush beers on Sundays around other fans like me. Or be able to travel to these games, and be a fan of the home team. Hell I don’t know, I might not even change.

If you think I should join you with the Jags, Titans, Browns,Bears Vikings, etc let me know. I picked those teams because members of TGS have already started trying to get me to switch. Or if you want, you can write a piece trying to get myself and other fans like me, to join your team. If you would like Uncle Ted to join in your joy and sorrow, just let me know on Twitter at @TedFlintKansas and I will announce my decision before the start of the new football season.

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