June 23, 2021

Bahama Mama: “The Bachelorette” Power Rankings – Episode #7

Things heat up both literally and physically when Becca and her final six men head south from Richmond, Virginia, to the Bahamas.  Becca is tasked with the near impossible task of eliminating two men, leaving four to go to the coveted hometown’s next week.


Last week I predicted Jason, Colton, Blake & Garrett would get hometowns and well….

  1.  Blake (previously ranked #5): Blake really struggled this episode, and I can’t really blame him; it’s been awhile since he’s had much uninterrupted time with Becca.  Recipients of the first 1-on-1 dates have gotten in their own heads virtually every season.  However, once he got his 1-on-1 date, everything was roses for Blake.  He admitted he was in love with Becca, and she admitted (again, to the camera) that she was in love with him too and wished she could tell him.  Either Becca picks Blake in the end or she falls in love with multiple men.  Will she pull an Arie?
    Becca & Blake Instagram
  2. Garrett (#2):  Becca admitted she’s ridiculously attracted to Garrett but wonders if there is anything more than lust between them.  Garrett also gets a 1-on-1, and it’s pretty clear this guy is likely the only true threat to a Blake & Becca wedding special next winter.
    Becca & Garrett Instagram
  3. Jason (#1): After just getting a 1-on-1 last week, it’s no surprise Jason had to endure a 3-on-1 date with Leo and Wills this week.  The producers really tried to make us think he was going home, but I knew better; I still get hot thinking about their date from last week.  Jason is my personal favorite of the remaining but time will tell how Becca ranks him. Off to Buffalo!
    Becca & Jason Instagram
  4. Colton (#4):  I don’t remember seeing the physical chemistry between these two on previous episodes. However, they sure shoved it down our throats in episode #7, likely to offset the “virgin” bomb that Colton drops on Becca.  Becca seems a bit unimpressed/disappointed but ultimately gives him the rose anyway.  Previews show us Tia is back next week and likely will have more Colton dish to dump (Does anyone else think it’s weird knowing that Colton and Tia date in Paradise – and maybe still are – but that he still posts Instagram recaps of his time with Becca?).


Sad to see you go…. Wills and Leo were probably the two guys on this season with the biggest hearts and most genuine intentions.  Honestly, a pretty solid Top 6 all things considered so casualties were bound to occur.

Leo & Wills Instagram
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