May 29, 2024

Turn Down for Drama: “The Bachelorette” Power Rankings – Episode #2

With cameos by Lil Jon, Fred Willard, and Rachel & Bryan, this should have been a much more easygoing two hours than it was.  Three story lines on Monday night kept us from getting to know these guys much more than we did in episode #1.  Hang on to your butts. The drama is starting up.

1-on-1: Blake

Group Date #1: Clay, Nick, Chris, David, Jean Blanc, Jordan, Connor, Lincoln

Group Date #2: Garrett, Rickey, John, Ryan, Alex, Christon, Trent, Leo, Wills, Colton

No Date:  Mike, Jason

Leading the Pack:

1. Blake (previous ranking #4):  We have the first 1-on-1 date of the season.  Blake and Becca go to a warehouse and smash the crap out of Arie memories (can this be the last direct reference to him, please?).  During “dinner” Blake shares the details of how his last relationship ended when he stumbled across break-up texts on his ex’s phone (that’s rough; I know from experience).  Becca used the word “smitten,” gave him the rose, and then they made out in a sketchy alley.   If history repeats itself, due to the setup of the show, do not expect to see another Blake 1:1 until hometowns.  He’s in a tough spot.  Is he secure enough in their initial connection to not get booted before then?

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2. Wills (#2):  I really wanted to see more of Wills in this episode, but all we got was a couple of minutes of group date couch chat.  Turns out, that was enough, and he scored his first kiss with Becca, Perhaps more importantly, he also received the group date rose. Wills seems incredibly genuine and somehow oblivious to a camera being around.  I will need more from him next week, though, if he is going to stay near the top.

3. Jean Blanc (#8): Jean Blanc gets the group date rose, but I can’t help but wonder if it was due to drama on the group date and lack of options. However, previews tell me Jean Blanc is on the rise, and this was the first tipped domino.

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Closing in:

4. Connor (#9): Connor did not start off well tonight, giving us our first hint of drama on the season.  After Lincoln won the obstacle course on the group date, Becca gifted him a picture of the two of them which he proceeded to show off to the group.  Connor was not a fan, to the point of taking the picture and chucking it off the balcony.  After some initial concern about his temper, Becca seemed pretty unfazed by it.  At the cocktail party, Connor brought a picture of him for Becca to throw to symbolize “that guy being gone.”  She bought it. I bought it. I’m a fan of a guy that can own up to his mistakes. Is the drama with him and Lincoln over or is this just the tip of the iceberg?

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5.  Clay (#10):  Another big mover this week.  I had Clay pegged as shy and awkward after playing with clay ( as in play-doh, not himself) in the first episode.  This week the football player showed another side  by creating a victory dance with Becca in the drive-way during the cocktail party.  It seemed to calm her down.  He’s showing some true sides of himself and staying away from drama, two things that bode well for contestants.

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6. David (#3):  While David (chicken-man) didn’t get a lot of screen time, what we saw was promising and picked up right where the premiere left off.  He’s one of my favorites, and it hurts my heart to report that he’s been thrown into drama.  Jordan (the model) decided to strip down to his skivvies during the cocktail party and interrupted Becca and David.  This later led to the two sharing some words that was very reminiscent of Corrine & Taylor from Nick Viall’s season.  Are these two bound for a 2-on-1? #TeamDavid

7. Garrett (#1): Why such a big drop?  Not more than what seemed like 2 seconds after I submitted last week’s rankings I stumbled across an article that Garrett might be a milkshake duck.  Instagram screen shots show that Garrett previously “liked” posts that referenced members of the LGBT community and immigrants unfavorably.  Sorry, Garrett, you don’t get to be a dick and stay #1.  Garrett has since come out and apologized for his actions.  For Becca’s sake, I hope he meant it because the truth is that the first impression rose recipient is still a heavy front-runner.

8.  Chris (#7): I still don’t see what Becca likes about this guy, but previews hint he potentially gets a 1-on-1 next week so I can’t ignore him.

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Hanging in there:

9. John (#13) 

10. Lincoln (#6):  Last week I predicted he’d be drama. I wasn’t expecting to be right so soon.

11.  Christon (#11)

12.  Leo (#14):  Dodgeball might be the only thing he wins this season,.

Stayin’ Alive – Barely:

13. Ryan (#12)

14. Nick (#19)

15 & 16. Jason (#15) & Mike (#18): No date? No problem.

17.  Colton (#5): There is no doubt in my mind if Becca were to have 100% say in eliminations, Colton would be gone but his story line screams ratings.  Turns out Colton dated Tia.  Yes, Tia from Arie’s season and one of Becca’s closest friends.  Did he audition thinking Tia would be the bachelorette and that he could get her back?  It’s a valid question, and one Becca is really struggling with.  Fortunately, we shouldn’t have to wait too long to get an answer, as Tia is going to be on next week’s episode. DRAMA.

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18. Jordan (#21):  Gross.

Rickey (16), Trent (18), and Alex (20).

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