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Monday Morning Coffee 6/18/2018


Another Monday…..yes, it came back even if we didn’t want it to!  Do not fret, I bring links to help get you through the Monday blues!  So perk up, grab your coffee, and read up on some goings-on in the world!

Netflix and chill?: Looking for something good on Netflix, here’s the highest rated movies currently streaming.

Say It Ain’t So, Tommy!: Is Tom Brady ready to call it quits?

It’s Monday…..LAUGH: Everyone loves Disney movies…..and everyone loves jokes.  Now let’s put them together!

U.S. Open Recap: Well, Shinnecock Hills did not disappoint. It was brutal, but Brooks Koepka accomplished something that hasn’t been done in almost 30 years.

Women v. Bobcat: The headline says it all, see who won.

This Anaconda Don’t Want None..: OK the story is about a python but I can’t resist the opportunity to quote Baby Got Back

Swedish Cheaters? : Who knew the country that gave us disgusting Swedish fish could stoop to this level? And yes….Swedish fish are awful.  *Spoiler alert* It worked….Sweden won.

New Basketball Coach: Steve Prohm has rounded out his coaching staff for the 2018-2019 Season

There’s a little something to get your day going! Go get ’em!

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