June 25, 2024

The TGS NFL Playoff Pool: Super Bowl

It’s time to crown a champion. We’ve been through the wild card match-ups, divisional round, and conference championships, and only one game remains: The Super Bowl, featuring the Philadelphia Eagles against the Evil Empi- I mean, the New England Patriots. TGS is back with the final episode of this season’s Playoff Pool. Here are the standings so far:

1. Lindsey Schoon – 26 points
T-2. Austin Narber and Matthias Schwartzkopf – 21 points
4. Jake Ohlde – 20 points
5. Jacqueline Cordova – 17 points
6. Spencer Hughes – 11 points
7. Shaun Curran – 10 points
8. Nicole Gustafson – 4 points

Just like every week, each player has a chance to win 10 points by picking the winner of the big game. But we’re adding a twist, because what’s the Super Bowl without some prop bets? We’re allowing each writer to wager the points they’ve already earned on any of seven prop bets that Casino TGS has posted at even money odds. (Not only will this be more fun, but it will give the rest of us a chance to catch Lindsey, who has two perfect weeks!)

Our prop bets are:

*Coin toss – Heads or Tails

*Nick Foles throws an interception – Yes or No

*Field goal is scored in the 1st quarter by either team – Yes or No

*Tom Brady’s longest completion is 38.5 yards – Over or Under

*Rob Gronkowski scores a touchdown – Yes or No

*Philadelphia successfully converts a 4th down – Yes or No

*First field goal of the game is scored by which team – Philadelphia or New England

So, each player can add 10 points by picking the game correctly, and can add (or lose!) points for each prop bet that they choose to play. Who’s gonna win? Let’s get right into it.

Lindsey Schoon

New England over Philadelphia

I have no deep analysis on this. Both teams score a lot and give up very little, so something has to give and usually that something favors the guys with more experience. I just think Tom Brady gets another one. For the record, I also think it’s his last one.

Prop Bets

Philadelphia converts a 4th down: Yes (5 point bet). I think they do it early in the game to try and get some momentum, but even if they don’t I’m banking on them being down somewhere between 10-14 points in the 4th quarter, making it necessary.

Field goal in the 1st quarter: Yes (3 point bet). New England hasn’t scored in the 1st quarter of their last seven Super Bowls. That changes this year.

Coin toss: Tails (2 point bet).

Matthias Schwartzkopf

New England over Philadelphia

You can’t bet against Tom Brady in these games, really. Nick Foles has been wonderful, but the glass slipper will no longer fit.

Prop Bets

Philadelphia converts a 4th down: No (7 point bet).

Tom Brady’s longest completion at 38.5 yards: Under (4 point bet).

Coin toss: Tails (2 point bet).

Nick Foles throws an interception: Yes (2 point bet).

Field goal in the 1st quarter: Yes (2 point bet).

Gronk scores a touchdown: Yes (2 point bet).

First field goal of the game scored by: Philadelphia (2 point bet).

Jake Ohlde

New England over Philadelphia

Philly’s defense should make this an interesting affair, at least for a while. If their pass rush can get to Brady like Jacksonville did and make him skittish in the pocket, they’ll have a shot. Nick Foles and Jay Ajayi are both going to have to play very well, too. Unfortunately, I just don’t think I can pick against the GOAT.

Prop Bets

Field goal in the 1st quarter: Yes (5 point bet). It feels like there’s going to be a number of field goals kicked in this game, and it’s hard to not see at least one in the first 15 minutes.

Nick Foles throws an interception: Yes (3 points). Feel pretty confident in this one, if for no other reason than nerves.

First field goal of the game scored by: New England (2 points). I’ll go with the Patriots driving down right away, but coming up short of a touchdown in the red zone.

Spencer Hughes

Philadelphia over New England

I can’t believe I’m picking against Brady and Belichick, but I’ve gotta try to make a move. And maybe it’s the Vikings fan in me, but the way the Eagles played two weeks ago shows that they can beat anyone, anywhere. This team is legit so long as Nick Foles plays good football. Philadelphia shocks the world by winning a Super Bowl with a backup quarterback against the NFL’s strongest dynasty. Minnesota fans weep as they watch the team that just demolished the Vikings celebrate winning a title at US Bank Stadium.

Prop Bets

Coin toss: Tails (6 point bet). I always wondered how irresponsible you’d have to be to bet on the Super Bowl coin toss. It’s like playing roulette with less fun. Still, tails never fails and I want to pick up some points before the game even kicks off.

Nick Foles throws an interception: No (5 point bet). I’m trying to tie my fate in this Playoff Pool to Foles. If he doesn’t toss a pick, it’s more likely the Eagles win. So I’m aligning my interests here. Fly, Eagles, fly!

Shaun Curran

Justin Timberlake (and also New England) over Philadelphia

In a game I couldn’t give a shit less about, this year’s Super Bowl matches the douchebags from Boston against the classless bastards of Philly. I actually really like TB12, but these are the worst possible fan bases. I will say that although it is a strong word, I HATE the Eagles. With everything I am and have. So yeah, I’d like to see them lose, horribly. But only by default.

New England fans don’t need and definitely don’t deserve another win. Maybe if Tommy gets #7, he’ll ride off into the sunset and the Pats will see 17 years of bad luck like they deserve to.

Prop Bets

Coin toss: Heads (10 point bet). Fuck it, I already lost. Might as well put me out of my misery quickly.

Nicole Gustafson

New England over Philadelphia

I do not want the Patriots to win. I am sick of them just like the rest of you. BUT, the one and only game I’ve picked right in two rounds was the Pats over the Titans (yikes, I know). From a probability perspective, it seems silly to pick the Eagles to win their first-ever Super Bowl when the Patriots have had one of the most successful runs in NFL history.

Regardless of my pick, I think we’re in for a close, high-scoring game that should be pretty fun to watch.

Prop Bets

Tom Brady’s longest completion at 38.5 yards: Under (6 point bet). Spencer has graciously given me 10 points to use on prop bets since I missed the Wild Card round, and I’m starting with a confident bet here. The New England offense could be down a man with Gronk still in the concussion protocol, and Brady has not completed a pass longer than 38.5 yards in the playoffs. The last was to Brandin Cooks in Week 15. Given that Philly has the 4th-ranked defense according to Pro Football Reference, I don’t think Brady gets that big of a play in the Super Bowl.

Nick Foles throws an interception: No (3 point bet). Foles has not thrown an INT in the playoffs, and the Pats haven’t gotten one either. In the regular season, Foles threw two picks in six games (0.33 average) and the Patriots had 12 in 16 games (0.75 average). Foles played very well against the strong Minnesota defense in the NFC Championship game, so I think he continues to take care of the football this week.

Field goal in the 1st quarter: No (1 point bet). New England scored a first quarter field goal two weeks ago against the Jaguars, but other than that, these two teams usually get touchdowns or nothing. Philadelphia hasn’t scored a first quarter field goal since Week 9.

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