May 21, 2024

ICBYHST: Groundhog Day

ICBYHST: Or I can’t believe you haven’t seen that is a phrase you often hear in this day and age of tv and movies. There is just so much going on or it was made before your time. But these pieces for The Tailgate Society are going to focus on having people watch movies that they swear they are the last one to see.

Happy Groundhog day, friends! Another holiday to mark off our calendars. Once again, as the baby of this place, Ted manages to find movies I have never seen and of course, this one comes in hot.

I tend to trust TGS when they tell me to watch things, so I always walk into them blind and let myself not have preconceived ideas. I quickly judged the book by it’s cover simply because this movie is 25 years old and I’m an annoying millennial who lets the posters sometimes make me question what it is I am about to watch. I mean look at this artwork? You’d be a little judgmental too. Don’t lie.

Jacqueline Cordova | The Tailgate Society

Just to warn you all, *spoilers* are ahead. So turn around now if that’s going to hurt your feelings.

Living the same day again is a total cliche 

It’s 2018 now, and the concept of people getting stuck in the same day and going through process of being freaked out, doing whatever they want, and then finding a moral compass about how to take advantage of their weird situation has been played out a million ways. I quickly rolled my eyes, but I had to remind myself this movie technically did it first so I had to be open minded.

The amount of times he killed himself caught me by surprise because I didn’t expect such morbid situations to come out of the power to repeat the same day with no repercussions. I was all for the grand theft auto stuff and doing things you wouldn’t normally do like go after the girls, but the filmmakers really hit every area of what someone would do.

The love story 

The majority of movies sneak love stories into their story lines, so it’s no surprise that he’s out here trying to get Rita. I mean, look at the woman. I can’t blame him when she has fabulous hair. I liked that no matter what he did at first nothing really worked, and that even though he was able to learn little things everyday it still didn’t push her to be about him. Like he probably thought he’d win her over after learning a thing or two. The movie was able to channel the reality of things even if it’s extremely unrealistic to wake up and live the same day for an unsaid amount of times.

I do however, love how everything seems to come full circle with the fact that him going to bed with her is where he manages to finally wake up on February 3. It’s just one of those things that makes you happy. The guy gets the girl in the end no matter how cliche it seems.

Homeless man’s death

The part where he is so sad he just can’t save this man no matter what he does is such an authentic detail that broke my heart – but was really appreciated. You have to go into movies open-minded, no matter how far-fetched they are or you’ll sit angry as to why weren’t things more realistic! After watching the movie I dug around on the internet for whatever other people had to say and I found this, that talks about the boy who falls out of the tree that again. It made me really appreciate the little details that go into making a movie.

The verdict

I actually really enjoyed this film. I liked how, yeah, it felt like a played out overall theme, but because I know it’s an older movie makes me appreciate it so much more than the ones I’ve seen recently released. The fact that it was just an angry dude who went through several trials figuring out what the heck to do, and watching him process all of that was enjoyable. I liked the characters and I liked the way it all came together. It’s an easy watch that didn’t make me think too hard and I was able to just sit and enjoy it unlike other times where all I want to do is roll my eyes as to why people even like it. Only complaint is I can’t get “I got you babe” out of my head…

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