June 22, 2018

TGS Bowl Game Bonanza from Deadeye products.

It is the giving season over here at TGS Headquarters. In the spirit of giving we have teamed up with Deadeye BBQ Sauce to created the TGS BOWL GAME BONZNZA ZA ZA za za za…. Just head over to ESPN and search Group TGS/DEADEYE GIVEAWAY!!!

The winning entry of the group will get a Deadeye/TGS gift basket that will include Deadeye BBQ sauce and TGS Swag including every koozie we make and a TGS/No Punt Intended Pint glass. 2nd place will receive a pint glass. 3rd place will receive a TGS Koozie.  You have seven days before the games start.  If you need a group ID number search for 158715.

Cheer and good luck

PS. Please make your entry names your twitter handles or names if you are only on Facebook.

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