July 15, 2024

Shawntez’s Holiday Drink Menu

The college football regular season has closed and I’m leaving all the bowl shenanigans to the rest of the crew here at TGS. That being said, I’m fully prepared to keep the party rolling through the holiday season! I’m going to explore some ideas to help everyone celebrate Shawntez’s birthday week (annually from December 15-27), the holiday season and a little extra to party into the New Year.

Cranberry Margaritas

While we all love a classic margarita, it’s a drink that leaves a lot of opportunity to be tweaked and have some fun with it. This particular recipe incorporates the age-old fruit of cold weather holidays, the cranberry. I like the idea of this because I think it can mellow out some of the sweetness and sour that flavors a traditional margarita.

What You’ll Need: Tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice, cranberry juice

In your favorite holiday drinking glass (suggestions here if you’re running low), fill all the way with ice. Mix in equal parts of tequila and triple sec. Add a splash of lime juice, and then top off with cranberry juice. Shake or stir all the ingredients together and serve in a salt- or sugar-rimmed glass. Feel free to add different garnishes that you enjoy (fresh cranberries, lime wedges, cherries).

Kenny Noggins

Borrowing the name here from some friends because I think it’s the most clever thing I’ve heard this month. This drink features the very polarizing seasonal beverage of eggnog. I understand that’s going to make you either super interested in this drink or make you want to vomit almost immediately. Whichever side you’re on with this battle, be careful as you can get yourself into some trouble with this one. The name of this drink is inspired by erring on the side of caution, because if you don’t, you may end up in…

What You’ll Need: Spiced rum, eggnog

This one is super simple but a tasty treat for your holiday spirit. In your ice filled Christmas goblet, mix together equal parts of rum and eggnog (or really whatever you see fit for LITmas). Easy peasy! Pour up, stir and enjoy!


Hot Sailor

This is a great drink to have as you sit around with the family during the holidays. If you have a sister who insists on watching 20 of the 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS, this will probably be great for that occasion! It’s a mellow drink that can help with a relaxing afternoon or evening with the people that you strive to spend time with.

What You’ll Need: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Butterscotch schnapps, hot chocolate

Make up a batch of hot chocolate however you see fit. I’m a boring, old-school Swiss Miss instant kind of guy, but to each their own. In a mug, mix equal parts hot chocolate and liquor (made of equal parts rum and butterscotch schnapps).  Stir thoroughly to make sure everything is blended. Add whipped cream, chocolate shaving, sprinkles or whatever you desire to add some extra flair to your beverage.

Golden Delicious

This drink lets you add a little bit of gold to your diet to ring in the New Year! Everyone loves to get together to celebrate the dropping off the ball in Times Square and this drink will bring a little bling to the party. Here’s to leaving 2017 in a hazy state and waking up already mad at 2018!

What You’ll Need: Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps, apple cider (you can choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on your plans for the evening)

In your ice filled cup, simply add a shot of Goldschlager and top off with apple cider. Stir everything together, throw on your 2018 plastic hats and glasses and wait to see how long until the bartender confiscates your noise maker!

Holiday Beer of the Season!

I’m very unqualified for this pick, but this is about the only winter seasonal beer that I drink each year so it’s my pick. It’s a nice dark beer that has some fruity hints to help boost the flavor. I can’t add a whole lot more, but feel free to ask around the TGS staff for some other winter selections. A lot of the ladies and gentlemen we have around these parts have some ridiculous knowledge when it comes to beer.


That’s it, folks. That’s all I’ve got for you here to close out 2017. It’s been a heck of a year and a heck of a football season to spend with you. Enjoy the time with family and friends over the next couple weeks and I’ll see you in 2018! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year from your friend Shawntez!


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