May 21, 2024

Shawntez’s Tailgate Drink Menu – Week 10

We’re 3/4 of the way home and this is where the real fun starts! It’s week 10, the final month of college football! The first College Football Playoff rankings are out and now it’s a free-for-all fight to the end. This first weekend in November is absolutely stacked with games that will have lasting outcomes in every Power 5 conference. Strap in for a wild ride and let’s get into it!

Jayhawk Tears

Shawn Fensterman | The Tailgate Society

I’ve had this game circled on my calendar since week 4. Winless Baylor heads to Lawrence to take on Kansas who kind of, sort of has a win. It’s a damn shame that this game isn’t getting the treatment it deserves. College Gameday should be on campus and it should be nationally recognized. Baylor heads in as 10 point road favorites and will most likely win. In all honesty, I’m hyping this up, but I won’t be watching. I’ll keep an eye on the score for laughs tho.

I’ve been waiting to use this drink all season but I haven’t had a name for it. This week an angel came to me in my sleep and delivered this, and I couldn’t be happier.

What You Need: Captain Morgan Pineapple rum, Pink Kinky, Blue Curacao, Lemonade

In your favorite tailgating cup filled with ice, mix in equal parts Captain Morgan Pineapple and Pink Kinky. Next, add a nice splash of blue curacao. Finally top off with lemonade. Garnish with a lemon if you’re feeling particularly sour!

Afternoon Refresher

The afternoon games are going to be a lot of fun. Iowa State heads to West Virginia, Clemson heads to NC State, Iowa hosts Ohio State and Stanford takes on Wazzu. There’s also a small game going on in Stillwater, Oklahoma, called Bedlam that you may have heard of. It’s very hard to pick out which one of these is going to end up being the best game because they should all be pretty decent. A whole lot of fun to be spread around so keep your remote handy or head out and get a couple extra TVs before Saturday.

What You’ll Need: Citrus vodka, Tonic water, lime juice

As usual, fill your cup with ice. Next add in equal parts citrus vodka and tonic water. Give a good splash of lime juice for a little extra flavor and garnish with a lime.

Caramel Apple

Shawn Fensterman | The Tailgate Society

The late time slot of game has a few standouts that should be fun to keep an eye on. Texas takes on TCU and I still have absolutely no idea how I feel about Texas, so who knows how this ends up shaking out. LSU takes on Alabama and a lot of times that game seems to come down to the wire. And Virginia Tech heads to the Sunshine State to take on Miami. That game may prove to be super important in the ACC-Coastal division so I’m sure each team is going to be bringing their A-game.

What You’ll Need: Caramel flavored whiskey or vodka, Apple flavored whiskey, Sprite/7-Up

There’s a few variations you can pull with this drink to tailor it to your own particular tastes. There’s a lot of different brands/liquor options for caramel flavor. Smirnoff and Pinnacle both make a flavored vodka and Black Velvet and Crown Royal both make a flavored whiskey. I recommend you pick whichever most appeals to you, but for the apple flavoring, I prefer Crown Royal Apple. So, in your cup, pour equal parts of Caramel liquor and Crown Royal Apple. Top off the rest of the drink with the lemon-lime soda of your choosing.

Tailgate Beer of the Week!

This week we’re going with something that’s quite a bit different from what we’ve usually settled for in this segment. Shiner Bock is a dark beer that doesn’t really weigh you down the way a lot of them seem to do. From the heart of Texas, this is something you can definitely keep stocked up in the cooler for an afternoon of great football.

Also, make sure to try out Shiner Cheer, a wonderful seasonal beer from our friends down in Texas!

That’s my time for this week! Make sure to stop by next week for a whole new batch of drinks. As always, everyone have a blast this weekend and stay safe! I hope we all wake up Sunday victorious!

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