July 15, 2024

Please Chicago Bears, Fire John Fox Now

This was supposed to be a dawn of a new era for the Chicago Bears. An era of toughness and attitude that was displayed for much of Mike Ditka’s and Lovie Smith’s time in Chicago. It was supposed to be different then Marc Trestman. Except, it hasn’t been.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. The Bears took on the NFL’s hottest team, the Eagles. Which, in all fairness, is a death sentence in it’s own right. The Bears were blasted 31-3 and looked uninspired and clueless much like their head man John Fox has been for most of the season.

At one point the Bears sent the punt team in on third down and were attempting to run a play with only 10 players on offense on Sunday. This isn’t the first time in the John Fox era these mistakes have been made and they continue to rear their ugly head. If you are planning on developing a young Mitchell Trubisky and building a team to eventually compete for a Super Bowl, these are mistakes that shouldn’t and can’t happen.

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During John Fox’s 2-3/4 years in Chicago, the Bears have lost 44 times. 44! The Bears roster has been almost completely stripped and rebuilt since the days of Phil Emery and Marc Trestman. General Manager Ryan Pace has brought in guys that have allowed the Bears to be competitive in more cases than not. There just seems to be one things standing in the Bears way. John Fox and his coaching staff.

All signs point to the Bears making a change after the season but if you are going to do it, the Bears’ brass just needs to pull the trigger now. The Bears have nothing to lose, maybe the interim coach would be more willing to let things loose and let the kids play.

Ultimately, the Bears have never fired a coach during the season. They may not change their ways this year. It is absolutely the right choice that I think needs to be done now.

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