April 17, 2024

WYMAT: Obamacare, #Metoo, Ezekiel Elliot?

What y’all mad about today? First, let me tell you about things that people are mad about, and then things that you should be mad about. There will always be things in sports that people are mad about, like the FBI investigating college basketball teams. If I’m an AD, I’m probably pretty unhappy. And if I’m a coach who got caught with dirty hands, you can bet I’m hella pissed. And if I’m Adidas getting sued by one of said coaches, oh my god, I may or may not be having a conniption. 

Things people are already mad about:

You know what the Republicans are mad about? Obamacare. I’ve heard enough of them complain about how awful Obamacare is and how we need to do away with it. Now that I’ve covered what a segment of the population is mad about and will likely bitch about until they die (in addition to how Obama was the worst president the country has ever seen, blah blah blah), we can jump into the good stuff!

Birth control, what a magical gift from God that prevents idiots from procreating. It also has other benefits including addressing PMS, acne, hormone balancing, and whatever the reason the person taking it chooses. People are getting pretty annoyed by the fact that 45 made a change to Obamacare that resulted in giving employers the ability to decide if employees will pay for their birth control costs or if BC is covered under their insurance. Yeah, I would have to say people are actually pretty mad about this, for good reason. Pair that with getting grabbed by the pussy, and you’ve set yourself up for many upset women (except those white women who overwhelmingly were in support of pussy grabbing).

The Me Too movement started 10 years ago to help young women of color who have been sexually assaulted. It recently became a trending hashtag (#Metoo) on social media (shout out to Alyssa Milano for pushing this). If you’re not livid about the number of people who can say “me too” about being sexually harassed or assaulted, then please excuse yourself from reading this. You’re part of the problem when it comes to this narrative. Plain and simple, we have a problem. On a societal level, we have a problem when it comes to the way we treat each other. With the support behind the movement of ‘Me Too,’ it’s apparent people are mad. And if people aren’t mad, they need to get there. People need to come together to address rape culture. Ignoring it won’t make it go away, so get comfortable with discomfort and learn how to be an ally when someone tells you ‘Me Too.’

Speaking of hashtags, Twitter is catching some heat for suspending Rose McGowan’s account. Apparently talking about sexual assault being a real thing (see the #metoo portion of this WYMAT) offends people. However, Twitter claims they suspended her account for posting a personal phone number. Meanwhile, the rest of us are waiting for Twitter to suspend accounts that verbally attack women like Sam Ponder, but that’s just like my opinion man…

A fellow TGS contributor said he was mad about the ‘duck, duck, gray, duck’ thing that people cared about for two seconds. Apparently it’s some Minnesota thing. I don’t pretend to understand things of the Midwest. 

Things you should be mad about if you aren’t already:

I was going to lighten up, but are y’all mad that Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are still in crisis mode? I’m sure you like having electricity and water, they do too. Get mad about them not having access to some basic needs. Then do something to help with recovery efforts.

AP Photo/Farah Abdi Warsameh

While we’re on the topic of needing to help people, let’s talk about the bombing in Somalia. Are y’all mad about that today? If not, y’all should be. About 230 (probably more) people were killed in a bombing in Mogadishu, Somalia. I get how this may seem like an abstract place to you, but I’m sure Paris and London seemed like abstract places when they were also sites of terrorism.  

Sports WYMAT:

Dallas Cowboy fans who think Ezekiel Elliott shouldn’t be suspended are probably mad about the flip flopping that keeps happening regarding the domestic violence allegations against him. At this moment, he gets to play in upcoming games, which causes a different camp of people to be mad. Regardless of where one stands on this debacle (unless you don’t know about it/don’t give a hoot), you’re probably a little mad.

LeBron has some new kicks that say ‘Equality,’ and he’s not afraid to let people know how he feels. Be sure to check out his ‘U bum’ tweet, it’s basically the reason for Twitter. Based off responses to the NFL players protesting, I’m sure someone is mad that the NBA is getting more attention for their protesting as well.

While I’m on the subject of protesting, let’s talk Colin Kaepernick. What would a WYMAT be without bringing up Kaep? NFL teams aren’t too keen on picking him up, and now he’s trying to prove owners in the league colluded to keep him out. The saga of Colin is a riveting one that is causing ripples in the sports world. What a time to be alive. Regardless of where people stand (or kneel) on the issue, many folks are mad about different moving parts. Between the protesting (apparently this isn’t the best way to protest inequality in the U.S.), the keeping Kaep out of the league, and owners being forced to actually confront an issue, y’all mad about some part of this.


As always, if I missed something you may be mad about, let me know what y’all mad about today.


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