June 23, 2021

Well, Actually 2.23: This Week In Bad Responses from the Executive Branch

Well, Actually is a podcast about everything – sports, politics, feminism, style, pop culture – you name it, Nicole Gustafson and Tami Dooley will probably talk about it. This week, Nicole and Tami catch up on the situations in Puerto Rico and Las Vegas, as well as what has been going on recently with the NFL protests. As all of this has transpired, Trump tweeted through it in the worst possible way. Also, Nicole comes up with an amazing plan to deter targeting in football, that very well could save the game.

Look forward to a new episode of Well, Actually each week. We’re back!

Tami Dooley 133 Articles

Tami is from Idaho. She's a fan of the Boise State Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, and almost thought about becoming a baseball fan for a minute one time. Her main pastimes include serving the every whim of an elderly poodle, and trying to figure out why websites aren't working.

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