July 13, 2024

What Y’all Mad About Today?

Because we all wake up, read the news and are mad about something.

I really enjoy the “what y’all mad about today” Tweets. Especially most days since the beginning of November people are mad about something related to 45. Due to the comments made recently about NFL players, folks are now angry about more than his politics. Then there are things happening outside of the realm of sports; Starbucks raising their prices, Title IX decisions (still kinda sports), natural disasters happening at an alarming rate, and one of those Jenner-Kardashian kids is pregnant. So, what y’all mad about today?

I can already guess that some folks are mad about more NFL players taking a knee. Fun fact: dissent is patriotic. If you don’t believe people should be protesting injustice in a peaceful way, maybe you need to revisit the First Amendment. While you’re at it, read the entire Constitution. Don’t lose your shit over people making use of their rights and protesting injustice in a way that makes you uncomfortable. Stop saying you’re going to stop watching football because the Black players on your favorite team or the opposing team are trying to get a point across. The rest of us know you’re not about to stop watching football just because you disagree with players taking a knee. Halfway through the game you’ll have already forgotten that they did it and be three beers in.

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Other folks are probably mad that not all owners and GMs have made statements in support of their players exercising their rights. While one side of me wants them to all be hella woke, I know realistically they’re trying to save face and keep their organization alive. Never mind the fact that they could lose a few season ticket holders and still be fine, but what do I know, I’m just a kid who wants to see the world become a better place.

Final football related WYMAT, Kaepernick is still unemployed, yet better than many employed QBs.

Moving on to WYMAT not involving the NFL!

Starbucks increases the prices of their drinks every so often. Rumor has it they just did, so if this is what you’re mad about, more power to you. Call up your Starbucks representative and tell them the cost of a Pumpkin Spice Latte is too damn high!

Sexual assault survivors, advocates, and allies are probably mad about the changes made to Title IX and the protections made for sexual assault survivors. Betsy DeVos and the Department of Education are planning to roll back the guideline’s schools must follow under Title IX. Don’t get me wrong, Title IX has its flaws, but making it harder for the survivor to come forward and get help does not seem like the best approach. Maybe instead of rolling back the guidelines, maybe have a plan of attack to roll out before taking away any of Title IX. Maybe make it harder for people to get away with “grabbing her by the pussy” and calling it locker room talk. Our culture needs an attitude adjustment towards the way we treat sexual assault. We need to stop victim blaming and using language that justifies the behavior or even normalizes the actions. Title IX should not cater to the assailant, yet by stripping away the guidelines the Obama administration laid out, the Department of Education is doing just that.

Moving on with what people are mad about today, climate change. It can be seen through hurricanes ripping through the Caribbean, the Southeast coast, and the Gulf of Mexico. Make sure you’re doing your part and donating if you can, then you’re at least being active when it comes to addressing what you’re mad about today. If you don’t believe in climate change, might I recommend reading science textbook. Then you too might be mad about the havoc caused in these areas.

If what you’re mad about today involves the latest Jenner-Kardashian thing, we probably don’t know much about it here. Sorry for getting your hopes up.




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