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Weekend Binge 9/17-9/23

Hey hey hey, it’s Saturday and another Weekend Binge coming at you! The Weekend Binge is a weekly series where I, Jacqueline, gather up all our work for the week and give you an easy way to see it all with a little information about each. It’s an easy way for you to access what’s new and get to check it all out at your convenience straight from here instead of missing out on anything. Zero room for excuses!

Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and check out some of the stuff that went on this week and take the time to read or take a listen to all the fun stuff people here at TGS have been working on for you guys!

The Hottest Pizza Date I’ll Never Go On – Melissa Morales

Melissa and her husband took a stroll down to her favorite pizza place, The Flying Pie, that also happens to home of one of the spiciest pizza’s around. Don’t worry, there’s even pictures included as she tackled on the great challenge of trying to eat a pizza that even Adam Richman of Man vs Food couldn’t finish.

Our server brought waivers with our plates, as well as a warning placard to alert the busser that our dishes were capable of burning through latex (they have to double glove when making the pizza, as the habs actually burn through a single layer), and our fates were sealed.

The Cyclone Report Card – Alex Gookin

If there’s anything Alex Gookin loves it’s talking about the cyclones and he’s here to give you this weeks grade report on how they’re doing in their first quarter report card.

So far, your Cyclones are doing pretty well. There have been some pleasant surprises that have blown expectations out of the water, but the few disappointments are hard to swallow. Then again, it was just a year ago that the Cyclones were failing miserably in nearly every category, even by Iowa State standards.

Tailgate Society Music Review: Greta Van Fleet – Jason Mitchell

Hellooo Jason and hellooo to his music review on some of the latest rock music you should be paying attention to it. It isn’t just your average music review about what’s on the latest pop station. Take the time to discover some new music and hear what Jason has to share about Greta Van Fleet.

Hell f’ing no is the appropriate response here. Luckily for us, a ragtag group of three brothers and a childhood friend are here in late 2017 to save us from a pretty goddamn uninspiring rock malaise.

Make sure to check out some of Jason’s other material as he’s recently joined the family!

Four Fantasy Football Free-Agents for Week 3 –

Matthias Schwartzkopf

Guess who else joined our giant family? Matthias brings you a look into what your fantasy team might be missing or a couple of moves you should be making.

Fantasy football waiver pickups are extremely important to the success of your team. Injuries happen and players just aren’t what they were hyped to be. Here are four pickups I would consider grabbing before someone who is much smarter than us does

No Punt Intended –1.11: A Surprisingly Decent Weekend

– Shaun CurranAlex Gookin and Tyler Gross

The boys are back and they managed to stay entertained.

Besides some major upsets to discuss, we’re going to recap our picks, shame a couple folks & get a couple good hot takes in that we’re sure to regret later – like some idiot picking Pitt to beat Oklahoma St …Oh and we actually praise the Gators!


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The Price of Poise – Nicole Gustafson 

Life can get busy, stressful and occasionally we all forget to have a little fun or relax. Nicole wants you to remember through her lipstick splurge that it’s okay to do something nice for yourself once in a while. Something we can ALL relate to.

I take pride in what I’m able to do for myself. I worked for these dollars which turned into a beautiful pick-me-up. Drake’s “Fancy” plays in my head as I press my lips together. You see, I believe in celebrating baby steps.

Shawntez’s Tailgate Drink Menu – Week 4 – Shawn Fensterman 

Football season hasn’t stopped and Shawn wants to make sure none of you stay parched on your weekends. Tune into beverages you should be consuming from the bartender himself.

This coming week brings some excitement with conference play starting in a few different parts of the country, so let’s dive in!

If you’re just tuning in feel free to take it back to week one and work your way though!

The Corner Booth 1.12: Alright Alright Alright – Ted Flint

Ted is back and this time around he brought Jared Stansbury and Texas blogger, BitterWhiteGuy. Jared does a little yelling about Texas, Kevin Durant get’s drug into the conversation, a little bit of Matthew Mcconaughey is mentioned and as you can imagine a million other things.


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Another Memorable Night in Kinnick? – Pete Seibert

Pete takes all his emotions and artfully crafts them to a well written article about the dance between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Penn State.

Full disclosure, I hate Penn State football.  After the Jerry Sandusky scandal, I never want them to have success in football.  I understand the kids on the team now had nothing to do with what happened, but the fans that have never seen any necessary blame for the Paterno drive me absolutely CRAZY. 

Shaun’s Sportsball Summary – Shaun Curran

Memes, videos and a lot of fun analysis that you should be reading about this weeks NFL week in perspective. 

So sit back and relax – time to make a mockery out of the heartbreak of others and laugh at some of the hot garbage teams and players that are killing your dreams in fantasy from Week 2 of the 2017 Season




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