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Weekend Binge 8/20 – 8/26

The Weekend Binge is back! Coming to you straight from me, Jacqueline! It’s been an exciting week and we have an exciting year ahead of us and we wouldn’t want you guys to miss out on any opportunity to check our stuff out! I’m here to make your life a little easier and give you zero reasons to have any type of excuse to miss out!

Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and check out some of the stuff that went on this week and take the time to read or take a listen to all the fun stuff people here at TGS have been working on for you guys!

This week our new contributor Jake Ohlde makes his debut and he’s been hard at work! Check his stuff out, some that are listed down below, and make sure to make him feel welcome! Feel free to take the time to hit him up about his work and share your opinion on pineapple on pizza!

ICBYHST: MEMENTO by Dana Melcher 

There’s nothing more that the adultier adults love to do on staff then come at the youths about movies they feel we should’ve seen but we haven’t.

Dana took her time to give this bad boy a review and let me tell you she does a very good job.

In short, Memento is basically a sick and twisted 50 First Dates, and I have some serious questions.”


Victory Shots 2016: A Rewind by Ted Flint

Our very own Ted took a leave of absence and took off for the Ozarks. Every boss deserves a break right? Well due to his vacation Ted wasn’t able to record a drunk podcast but he did however, want to take you down memory lane and give you the chance to listen to last years Victory Shots as we gear up for the second annual Victory Shots.

So when listening remember Smith and Ted are already five shots in and several beers. ENJOY!


How to create a new rivalry – Travis Halm 

For any college fan we all know that rivalry games are truly like a second Christmas. Travis wants to take you through what creates a new rivalry in this several part series…so…get caught up on part one before part two comes out.

However, too many forced rivalries can seem corporate and lacking the organic hatred needed to truly sustain a long-term squabble. Today we talk about what it takes to create a new rivalry in the ever-changing world of collegiate athletics

The Trumo months thus far: A Pro-White, Anti-Democratic, Chaotic Zeitgesist by Joel Raffety 

We can’t deny this years political scene has changed dramatically. More people are involved than before and more people are having opinions. Joel wants to take a step back and really look at what’s been going on the past 8 months of the current presidency through the lens of Joel’s very own eyes. Check out as  he hits points on white nationalism and a couple others worth your time.

…a sitting president is endorsing their tactics and propping up their narrative — that America WAS great (when it was more white), and that it can be great again.

Snyders Top Ten wins: #10, #9 and #8  by Jake Ohlde 

Everyone say hello to Jake! He’s new to this giant family and he’s been busy!

Bill Snyders final season COULD BE close to ending according to some speculation around the sports industry. Jake feels that it’s appropriate to take a moment to appreciate the top 10  biggest wins of his career.

As I said Jake has been busy and you need to check ALL his choices.

This win was significant not only for the future of both programs (KU would finish 10-2 on the year, but they’ve had just *one* winning season ever since; KSU would win 11 games in 6 of the next 8 seasons)

No Punt Intended – 1.07: Exploring Saban’s Easy Conference aka THE SEC!! – Shaun Curran, Alex Gookin and Tyler Gross

Calling allllll college football fans!! If you haven’t listened to these guys yet why haven’t you?

The boys bring you another fun week with hot takes, a debate gets thrown in the mix and of course, as the title states a dive into the SEC conference or as stated THE KINGS OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL. They never get off track once and keep it calm and collected.

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunesStitcher or almost every podcast application to stay up to date on each of the podcasts distributed by The Tailgate Society.  Subscribe to get these podcasts the minute they are done recording.


The Ultimate Tailgate Road Trip: Week 8 – Tami Dooley 

Haven’t you heard? TGS has been on a road trip for eight weeks at all the locations at the hot game of such week that you should all be paying attention too in college football!

Tami takes us during week eight over to her home state, Idaho! Boise State and Wyoming face off and Tami is ready to let you know why this game matters and what to expect! If any of you know Tami, it’s worth the time to check out her opinion on this particular match up plus she has some great gif choices you HAVE to check out!

This year’s version of this game should be excellent, seeing as Wyoming has a winning streak of one game on Boise, and the Broncos HATE losing. Especially like they did last season.

The Internet: Week In Review 8/24/2017 – Jared Smith 

Politics and sports taking over your life and you need a break? Having a bad day? Need a good laugh? Jared is back to brighten your day with some of the most fun and compelling things circulating the internet with his weekly, Internet Week in Review!

2017 College Football Preview by Spencer Hughes

Spencer has been a busy body and we’ve been deprived of his attention here at TGS. Spencer came well equipped to dive back into this website and he brings you this glorious piece where several members of our staff went through and took their hot picks for this upcoming college football season. Check it out and find out some of the questionable choices and predictions our very own made….

Editors note: Below you will find takes from some members of The Tailgate Society.  I made the decison to link their twitter accounts to thier names. Feel free to tweet at them how terrible their picks are. — Ted 

The Best Scene In Each X-Men Film – Arnold Woods

This week Arnold wanted to take us down memory lane for all you X-Men fans and took us through some of the top scenes in each movie. This piece will have you asking for a day off at work to re-watch all the movies! I’m sure Arnold did the same.

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