June 12, 2024

The Internet: Week In Review 8/18/2017

Well folks as the summer winds down and all you teachers head back to work (@tKCyclone shoutout) here’s some shit I enjoyed on the internets and I hope you do too.

This fucking donkey had no goddamn clue this would be his best spring break.

Parasailing Donkey
byu/Bobby_Thellere inWTF

With all the recent developments with these clowns I think its time to point out how big of posers these chumps are.

We need Magneto!!
byu/selahbrate infunny

Doesn’t really look all that relaxing to be honest.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I think she trying to get his attention.


Me making a sign after sixteen beers.

To make a patriotic sign.
byu/y88q intherewasanattempt

Slim line between epic and failure here and he was gonna be a sad son of a bitch if he missed.

Precision water sliding


Get this man to the Olympics

Actually nailed it.

World’s First Standing Double Backflip on a Tumbling Floor
byu/YouGottaKillYourMind ingifs

Some days you just can’t win.

Flying fish evades underwater predator

Not sure if this translates to actually kicking someones ass but it’s impressive anyway.

Your weekly earthporn submission.

The Milky Way burning bright and rising over Lake Heron, New Zealand [1280×1920] [OC]
byu/paul_wilson_images inEarthPorn

Weekly “Iowa Porn” submission, I know theres like a thousand morels in there.

Iowa, not just corn fields it turns out. [3200×2076] (OC)
by inEarthPorn

When you’ve got too much time on your hands, you invent these.

Punch-activated flamethrowers

A glitch in the matrix 

Best shower thought I've ever read.

Alcohol is the best painkiller because you can take it with alcohol
byu/DzoniiV inShowerthoughts

Further proof that previous civilizations were wiped out and we just repeat ourselves over and over.

There are no original ideas anymore.
byu/cybermage infunny

Fucking nopes


That's the only way you'd get me to skydive.

Plane and skydiving accident -- Everyone lived

I don't even know, dude got rekt


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