July 22, 2024

The Internet: Week In Review 7/18/2016

Just spent this past weekend in the beautiful city of Peoria, Illinois I know you’re all super jealous of our weekend vacation spot, we had a blast and a “few” beers. Props to Butler for hosting the TBT tournament it was a great time. Now some interesting stuff for your viewing pleasure.

I heard the whole neighborhood was buzzing about this discovery, but seriously just burn this fucking house down. No way can you recover from an infestation like this.

Huge Wasp Nest Discovered in Abandoned House

Seriously guys stop horsing around you could really get injured doing such things.

Turkish president Erdogan falling off a horse

That’s gonna leave a mark.

Didn’t see the flying car sign

then there were two

Latest advances in military fly fly machine

This is Fred the pig and his owner Bill, Bill is head over heels for his pet pig.

No you can’t

This scene checks several boxes, earth porn, dream vacation spot and retirement destination.

Only 16 People Live Here from pics

Yep, you’re correct older people are smart and millennials are complete idiots. Wait for it….

This is genius

She damn near missed the landing pad.

Trust Fall

Guessing this gal wasn’t a high hurdler #Merica


When you’re high as fuck and discover the “magic fountain” in the kitchen.

Chameleon Can’t Enough Of The Tap

I’m pretty sure the contractor took this scenario into consideration when they built this building. This kids parents must be super smart.

Will the balcony resist the weight? from WTF

I really hate when this happens..

Sprinting wasn’t part of the job description

This is insane.

Kite surfing in Capetown

You deserve anything you get if you’re going to steal Corona, going to jail for one of the worst beers around.

HMB while i steal thoses beers

Nailed it.

Constructive Interference of Waves

I’m only sharing this to help you all sleep better at night.


Now doesn’t this look like fun?

Human Powered Ferris Wheel

Grammy is turnt all the way up.

Dancing Grandma

Now what had happened was..

Couple games from funny

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