July 13, 2024

The Internet: Week In Review 6/28/2017

It’s been a year of fun at The Tailgate Society.  What better way then to enjoy some of the crazy shit I found online.

Literally Russians don’t give two shits or a goddamn if you try and arm rob them.

In Russia no one gives a damn if you rob them.

Mexico gets all the cool shit, weed, cocaine and crazy fucking clouds…

Happened today in Rubio , Mexico

No amount of excedrin is going to cure this headache


One of the coolest art projects I’ve ever seen.

Gun powder art

Our weekly “this is why we have warning labels” submission

To throw a tree branch down a hill

This kid is going places and will be a pillar of his community by the age of 27 and run several successful small businesses, book it.

Kid stabs a guys tire then talks back to him

Not a chance I could do this job, I can’t flip burgers on the grill unless I have twenty-two inch tongs.

Sampling hot molten lava

Pretty sure those deals are made to work IN the water, but hell I don’t know.


Exhibit A as to why I’m never jumping out of a perfectly good plane.

This is why you bring a back up chute


Spinning kid on Go Kart

“Earth Porn” submission

Blue ridge parkway [OC][1365×2048] from EarthPorn

Gonna need about $1.25 million a year for this gig.

Demolition Man

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