July 13, 2024

Mt. Rushmore of the baddest fictional female athletes

WHO RUN THE WORLD….GIRLS. This is for my ladies with the mad athletic skills that we don’t appreciate enough. There’s a good amount of movies that have given tons of women a leading role, while taking control on the field/court. These women, I think, are the ones who exceeded my expectations and I’ll support by watching their movies forever. They put their feelings aside, trained harder than your average athlete and didn’t let anyone tell them they couldn’t achieve their goals. There’s no particular order just a group of some bada** athletes I couldn’t let anyone forget.

Viola Davis – She’s the Man

All Viola Davis aka Amanda Bynes wants to do is play soccer. Of course, Cornwall High School cuts the girls soccer team, and when she attempts to join the boys team the sexist men’s coach laughs in her face. So, what’s the logical resolution for someone as passionate as Viola? Impersonate her twin brother at his school while he runs off to London behind their parents back to play music!!! Even if she wasn’t a good soccer player, the passion this girl has trumps really anything in my book for someone to be considered a bada** athlete. She goes through so many obstacles to ultimately prove she’s good. A couple of examples are all the extra hours outside of normal practice she puts in to become first string, she wears 209357 layers at every practice to hide her body, wears a wig and sideburns and pretends to use tampons to stop nose bleeds. Ummm, hello? Commitment. Not only that, but we see her make that game winning goal on her sh*t ex-boyfriend. Holla at ya girl.

Monica Wright – Love & Basketball 

What I love about this movie is that it involves the success of a female and a person of color.  Monica is determined to be the first woman in the NBA. She tells us when she’s a young girl at the start of the movie, when she shows up all the guys, that she too can play the game of basketball. A big ball of sass all her life nothing stops her from reaching her dreams. She doesn’t let anyone discourage her from what matters to her: basketball. Not even the scar that sits on her chin from when Quincy (love of her life) pushes her when she’s about to make a game winning shot when they were kids. Monica takes all the risks and chances she can get, to be who she has always dreamed of being. She learns to reshape her attitude from the easily triggered player to a more mature teammate. She earns a starting spot at USC over a senior. She goes on to play ball in Barcelona before the WNBA is created. When coming back to America not only does she get her man back, but the real fairy tale is seeing her rock that WNBA jersey and reaching her ultimate goal of playing in the NBA. Girl is a bada** and has the trophies to prove it too.

Kit Keller – A League of Their Own 

Kit Keller isn’t the star you probably thought I would pick. In my opinion she’s the real bada** here in baseball. Although Dottie is the hot catcher that *catches* the attention of the recruit, she didn’t even want to play. Dottie’s heart wasn’t set on playing baseball. She declined because she was happy with her life the way it was. Kit on the other hand wants a new life. She wants a new life so bad she accepts to convince Dottie to play just so she can have a spot too. Like, think about it…you really want to play, but the only way you can is if you convince the actual player they want to agree to play too. Kit sucked up that huge factor and made it happen so she could get that opportunity no matter what. That to me, speaks volumes of the athlete she is. Not to mention, we see her get that W in the World Series, and makes that game winning decision to run to home where she knocks her sister down. #Rivalry

Maggie Fitzgerald – Million Dollar Baby 

I am not a huge boxing fan, but I am Hillary Swank fan and her role as Maggie was pretty kicka**. Maggie is literally denied coaching from Frankie because she’s a girl and too old. Does that stop her? No. She works out super hard everyday in Frankie’s gym until he agrees to train her. She earns herself a wonderful reputation proving the bada** bitch that she is. She has incredibly natural boxing abilities. Nothing stops her from proving she’s capable of being a good boxer in her 30’s. Not just anyone is willing to put the time and effort she did to be who she grew to be. Although the movie may not be the happiest story in the world, I think her athleticism and determination very much deserve a spot because she kicks a**. Literally.

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