July 14, 2024

Mt Rushmore of Casey’s Pizza

No doubt, this topic is one that I’m an expert in—my three months of employment there and hundreds of pizzas eaten are my credentials. So here’s the Mt. Rushmore of Casey’s General Store pizza according to me.

I’ll rank these one through four, but #1 and #2 are a tier ahead of #3 and #4… here goes… drum roll please…

Tied for #1 and #2 on my Mt. Rushmore are the supreme pizza and the bacon cheeseburger. No clue how many of these I’ve consumed, but trust me when I say the sample size is quite large. The key to these two pizzas (as well as the #3 entry on my Mt. Rushmore of pizzas) is the extent to which they are cooked. Here’s the thing about them—I’ve gotten them under-cooked many, many times. And hear me out on this—I’m not blaming the makers or anything. It’s just something that I learned through the years, but most Casey’s pizzas need just a few more minutes in the oven. Next time you get one and it’s not holding together really well, just pop that sucker in the oven for ’bout four or five minutes. Thank me later.

Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

Numbers three and four on my list are both reliable and super delicious… #3 is sausage and mushroom and the #4 ranked, love it or hate it, is taco pizza. Yeah I said it: I LOVE MUSHROOMS AND DORITOS on my pizzas! There is one thing I will just head off at the pass before someone @’s me about it: the taco is not the best taco pizza on the market and I will admit that right now. However, it is easily one of their top four and therefore “Mt. Rushmore” eligible. The key to Casey’s taco pizza is getting it eaten ASAP while the lettuce is not soggy. You get past that point and it drops in quality very rapidly. Please feel free to @ me with your grievances and maybe we can talk through this. Enjoy.

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