June 19, 2018

Mt. Rushmore: Chris Stapleton’s Best Songs

As one of the hottest stars in country music, Chris Stapleton’s relatively small but powerful collection of songs is a perfect addition to our Mount Rushmore week here at TGS. With the release of From a Room: Volume 1 in May, and its second volume expected later this year, Stapleton has become a powerhouse of old school, true blue country. Selecting the four best and most prominent pieces by Stapleton was a challenge, but these songs hit harder than others.

Tennessee Whiskey

You all had to know this one was going to be on this list. A smooth and sexy ballad likening a beautiful woman to the smoothness of Tennessee whiskey, what’s not to love? When I first heard this song, I think I listened to it on repeat at least 50 times. Stapleton burst onto the scene with this hit and it will be a crowd favorite for years to come at his shows. See Stapleton and Justin Timberlake belt this one out at the 2015 CMA’s.


Also featured on his first album, Traveller, Parachute is another foot-stompin’ classic from Stapleton. With lines about traveling highways with a broken heart, he overcomes any possible cliche and overused themes in this one with his haunting vocals.

Either Way

Probably the best song from From a Room: Volume 1. Stapleton goes solo on this track with his guitar and his incredible, booming voice. Referencing the indifference partners can feel in an all-but-over relationship is far too relatable for many of us, and Stapleton masterfully spills his heart (and amazingly high notes in a live show here into this hit.

Fire Away

In another slower, ballad on the pains of love, Stapleton asks for his lover’s best shot. He calls out for her to “fire away,” as he is ready for whatever baggage will come along with her. It was a tough call, but this hit from Traveller had to join the others as one of Stapleton’s best because of the booming vocals at the end of each verse.


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