July 22, 2024

The Function of Customization

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I’ve run into a problem where I’m too sure of what I want when online shopping. I have an exact image in my head of the perfect purchase, but it either doesn’t exist or the search tools don’t weed out enough crap. So I was very intrigued when I saw an ad for shampoo and conditioner that is customized to each customer’s hair and needs.

After spending a few minutes scrolling through the pretty, pastel Function of Beauty website, I was sold on the idea of my very own hair products. A scientific-looking graphic eased my concerns about sulfates and toxins. As a bonus, shipping is free and you know your girl hates to pay for shipping.

I started with the “quiz.” First, there were questions about my hair type, which is wavy and very coarse. I waffled on what to answer as my scalp moisture level since my long, color treated ends are dry and my roots grow in oily. Then I selected a color, a scent, and the strength of that scent.

I also got to choose my five #hairgoals. Color protection was a must. I also chose shine, strength, oil control, and fix split ends. I laughed a little thinking the lab people had their work cut out for them making a product that would somehow turn my hair soft and shiny without creating an oily mess.

One key detail about personalized hair products is that it takes time to make them. Function of Beauty asks you to allow a few weeks for your unique mix to be made and shipped. The inability to run to the store in a pinch is the price to pay for having something made specifically for my hair.

When the bottles arrived, they were in clear plastic just like the containers on the website. They also came with little pumps to install in place of the cap. This was a cool bonus for me because I hate squeezing and shaking the last drop out of a bottle with a flip open lid. I took a whiff of the essential oils scent I chose, which is the basic one the company recommends. It is minty, neutral, and definitely pleasant.

I was really impressed with how the shampoo lathered up with use. Sulfate-free shampoos have a reputation for being hard to lather, but I worked a silver dollar-sized amount through my long hair with ease. The product also felt thinner than other shampoos I’ve used so I was concerned that it wouldn’t have enough cleaning power. Those concerns were quickly erased once my hair dried and I ran my hand through it.

I worried about the effectiveness of the conditioner at first, too. Not only are my ends dry, but my hair is thick—I’m condemned to the double hair tie life. Sometimes I struggle to get a brush through after a shower. But to my excitement, my hair combed out about as easily as it ever has.

I’m a shower at night and let it air dry kind of lady, so waiting to see the final result was kind of like waiting for Christmas morning. The first thing I did when I sat up was touch my hair and it felt soft! On a bad day, my hair feels like Hermione’s… in her first year at Hogwarts, not her last. But this felt like hair commercial silkiness.

I flipped on the light and noticed it hit the blonde on my head. It wasn’t a drastic change, but I definitely noticed some added reflection to my hair. I finished getting ready with a smile because good hair days are often good days in general.

The only other catch to having your individual product formula is one you might have guessed—the price. I ordered 8 ounces of shampoo and conditioner for $36 total. They offer several larger sizes, but I chose the smallest since I was trying it for the first time. In the three weeks that I have used my Function of Beauty products, I’ve gone through about one-fifth of each bottle.

All things considered, my customized hair products were a huge success. I’ve tried drugstore formulas and fancy brands, but Function of Beauty beat them all. I cannot remember ever being able to run my hands through my hair this smoothly. If you’re not scared by the cost, your dream hair might be just a few questions away.

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