July 22, 2024

The Corner Booth 1.07: Let me introduce No Punt Intended

Ted is joined by Shaun Curran and Tyler Gross hosts of the upcoming new TGS Pod “No Punt Intended”.  The pod starts off with Ted grilling Shaun about if Seneca Wallace scored a touchdown back in 2002.  Before heading off the rails as Shaun and Tyler discuss the new pod coming up.  Topics included on this pod include 90’s music, graduation songs, college homework and movies that make you cry ugly tears.  It is quit the trip. So hang on tight.

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Ted's friends often refer to him as the “Angry Panda" because of his cuddly, teddy bear-like nature and his fierce loyalty to those close to him. He's also not afraid to bite if you cross him or any of his allies. Born and bred in small town, southeastern Iowa, Ted took his Iowa State degree and moved to Kansas of all places. Ted loves to hold on to those small town roots though, by refusing to acknowledge any music made after 2005. His major goals include making the internet fun again, seeing the Cubs win a World Series live, and having a beer with Jon Stewart. This website is a step toward one of those goals.

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