August 20, 2017

Shop Talk 1.18: Heavy DC? Alright By Me!

Welcome to Shop Talk! Your weekly home for the latest news in movies, games and events from the world of comics, video-games, anime and so much more, ENJOY!

Another Sunday night of comics but this week there’s a heavy DC lean as Marvel seems to be conserving their finite energy, wink wink nudge nudge. We do get into the exciting Venom news, some movie releases and reviews, and the reveal of Injustice 2! Sit back and enjoy as we take your ears to pleasure town!

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AJ Speck 24 Articles
Staff Writer

AJ is an Iowa State alum, but a loyal and passionate Hawkeye. Hailing from Grimes, Iowa, AJ spent a couple years in Chicago (go Cubs) before moving to the ever-crowded city of Denver, Colorado, where he currently resides. AJ's writing will be primarily sports related as most of his life is spent following the Cubs, Packers and Hawkeyes, but since nobody can put AJ in a sports corner, he is also looking forward to writing about video games of the past, present and future, traveling and just enjoying life.

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