July 22, 2024

Week In Review: 4/4/2017

It seems that I made it past April Fool’s Day without getting fooled with anything too major, although, someone tried to get me with a fake listing for the Sinbad flick, “Shazam,” but we all know that’s fake, right?

Jared Smith | The Tailgate Society

“You can take him on the high side, Cole!”


Times are tough right now with Nigerian movie budgets. This is what happens when the prince who usually finances these movies is locked up in prison and nobody will bail him out.

Actual scene from a Nigerian movie

Can’t believe these two people are the same species.

Jimmy Fallon wearing Shaq’s jacket. from funny

Sorry, but I’m not digging the progression on this whole robot thing.

Horizontal bar gymnast robot

Probably best to not cross this woman.

Double axe throw.

Um…uh…well, I don’t think giraffes will be taking over the world anytime soon.

Confused​ giraffe tries to eat wall with painted leaves on it from gifs

I’d just leave a bowl for him I think. You do you though, snake guy.


Weekly “amazing scenery photo”

Don’t build a wall here! USA/Mexico Border at Big Bend National Park, TX. [1200×800] OC from EarthPorn

Come at me bro!


Also, it’s safe to assume the giraffe would take over the world before this clown.

WCGW if I shoot myself in the face with a paintball gun?

Some very good artwork here.

Putting the finishing touches on some wall artwork…

These dude’s have watched way too much Fast & Furious.

Highway Robbery

They have very unusual shipping practices over there.

Only in Vietnam from WTF

I’m very concerned that this person is in seriously bad shape.

Crossing a Triple Jump lane during a competition from sports

Muddy Bites banner, with photos of delicious waffle cone tips and Muddy Bites packages on a light blue background - "Muddy Bites Happiness Multiplied" -
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