July 14, 2024

The Internet: Week in Review – 4/11/2017

Well, here are some of the most interesting things I could locate on the internet this past week. From the “will never be president” category…

Because normal tattoo’s take too long

Someone will be calling the insurance man in the morning.

This is one hardened star fish. “I’ve seen some shit, man.”

When you’re a starfish but you have problems from pics

This is just a really cool pic of ol’ Honest Abe.

Colorized by me: Abraham Lincoln, June 3, 1860. from pics

This is freaking awesome work.

Man, this is no surprise to me at all.

Sewer alligators are just a myth…

Fucking destroyed that gel. Cot damn…

9mm vs Ballistic Gel

This dude has some moves.

This poor fella had to stop and think about how he’s going to explain this.

Wind rips apart a roof in Novosibirsk, Russia

The King can fish wherever the hell he wants you guys..

This high quality night vision will be an absolute must when I start my bigfoot hunting expeditions.

Night vision camera 

Guaranteed I could run about a 4.5 forty if this little fucker was after me.

A Frilled-neck lizard running on two legs

Come out to Nepal, we’ll get together – have a few laughs…

Had to tear a hammy on this one.

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