September 25, 2017

Well, Actually 2.09 – Just call me Taco

Just call me Taco


Nicole and Tami are on this week, resetting that old “It has been this many weeks since having to talk about Baylor” count, as well as some problematic recent stories they saw on Twitter. Join them for the hot takes, stay for the dog stories at the end!

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Tami Dooley 85 Articles
Chief Shade Officer

Tami is a 5th generation Idahoan, who is pretty sure these guys think Idaho is somehow Iowa, but is rolling with it. She lives in Boise with her husband and their poodle and is a rabid Boise State fan. After a short but illustrious career of standing in remote places holding a stop sign, Tami now holds a respectable job and feigns adulthood on a regular basis.

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