July 14, 2024

The Pressure Cooker Adventures ft. Deadeye Barbecue Sauce

(Note: Deadeye is a sponsor of The Tailgate Society)

A few weeks ago, some generous friends gifted my husband and I a countertop pressure cooker. My only previous experience with pressure cookers has come with the endless canning my mother and grandmothers and aunts did all summer and fall when I was a kid. All I really had to go on was memories of being admonished not to touch or get close, and residual fear followed me to adulthood. Pressure cooking is dangerous.

​​After checking this thing out and doing some light reading (reviews, video how to’s, endless Pinterest recipes) I felt confident enough to take ‘er for a spin. There have been some epic failures (hello, attempt to make fried chicken) and some great wins (shredded teriyaki pork!), but really, none greater than what happened recently with some inspo from our friends at Deadeye. On Thursday night, I came home to my full order of Deadeye BBQ Sauce on the counter, and by Saturday had formulated a delicious plan.

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

Shredded BBQ Beef

3 lb. Frozen Chuck Roast

1 cup beer (whatever kind you have, I’m trying to get rid of some Bud Light currently)

1 tbsp smoked paprika

1 tbsp oregano

1 tbsp rosemary

2 tbsp salt

2-3 tbsp garlic (I also overdo garlic as a lifestyle so you do you, boo)

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

All this goes in the pressure cooker for 4.5 hours. I know that seems like a long time, but stick with me here. Defrosting a roast usually takes forever. I’ve messed with them in the microwave for up to two hours before, and on the countertop for 8-10 hours. So going from frozen to facehole in under 5 hours is rather amazing.

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

One of the tricks to the pressure cooker is this – don’t be tempted to give in and look. Losing pressure in the thing just means adding time on the other end. Only twice in the first week did I have to go back and cook something longer, and its easy to get the hang of. This is a great kitchen tool, just because of the time savings.

Once it’s done, take two forks or your awesome bear claws and shred that stuff up. Since we’re barely out of the cave at our house, and it was nearing 11 pm by the time I got done (estimating time badly on Saturdays during the Sweet Sixteen really shouldn’t be seen as an issue tbh), we just put it in a bowl with Deadeye Magnum BBQ sauce on top, and it was amazing. The beer gives beef an interesting depth, especially when spiced well. Pressure cooking drives the flavor deep, so its consistently tender and good all the way through. The perfect spice level in the sauce gave it the kick I wanted…an all around winner. There weren’t even leftovers.


Cooking and eating food is the best, but right up there with those things are taking pictures of food. That next morning I was still feeling it, and was thinking that BBQ Corned Beef Hash and scrambled eggs with some hash browns sounded interesting. Turns out, it photographed almost as spectacularly as it tasted.

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society

Add some cheese and Deadeye on top, and it was a great start (ha, it was like noon) to a day. So, moral of the story, get a pressure cooker and some Deadeye (best dang BBQ sauce ANYWHERE – no seriously, order from their website and it comes to your door) and you won’t even have enough leftovers to make a hash, you’ll have to use the stuff out of a can – and it’ll still taste brilliant.

Tami Dooley | The Tailgate Society
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