July 22, 2024

The Internet: Week in Review – 3/7/2017

Well look at this, they finally combined bouncy balls and bulls, what could go wrong?

This man is so confused. Those are some snazzy pants though.

From the “holy shit I had no idea this happened” category.

Male seahorse giving birth

Come at me, bro!

Ready to mix it up! from gifs

Man that looks like a load of fun.


Hitting the reset button in 3….2…

(MMA) When showboating goes wrong from sports

This is slightly cool, but also very scary at the same time.

Backyard sinkhole swimming pool

Someone had too much damn time on their hands.

Satisfying Infinite loop

No clue why this device exists and what its used for other than this, but here you go!

The US Navy skipping a 8000 pound truck with an electromagnetic catapult

This would really piss me off.

nice catch, son

This looks like a close up model of a city, pretty nifty.

Tilt Shift Arc de Triomphe, Paris from pics

I know a few people that need to order this cool new device. LOL!

I made a robot for when I’m mad on the internet

Poor Brendan Fraser. I really enjoyed the Mummy movies, but where did he go?

Brendan Fraser’s reaction as the true winner of best picture “George of the Jungle” is announced at the Oscars

Some insane trick shots in this.

Awesome skills

Pretty scary terminator.


Wonder what that concrete tasted like?

HMB while I slide down the stairs

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