July 22, 2024

The Internet: Week In Review – 3/14/2017

It was a pretty great weekend of basketball, and it’s only going to get better if you love the sport. So here’s a few interesting things, and the best dunk of the year, in several posts.

Have you seen this dunk though? I mean come onnnnnnnnnn

Look at the height on this magnificent tomahawk slaaaaam.

Ok so the ALL BURTON DUNK WEEK IN REVIEW can’t happen so here are some other fantastic internet…things

He’s safe!!

This isn’t anything super hilarious, but I think it proves the possibility that Sasquatch has plenty of living space up north.

Uninhabited Areas of Canada from canada

Another submission from the NOPE category.

Motorcyclist flies over 60 Freeway in Moreno Valley

How graceful as to not completely wreck that whole boat dock.

…and then this happens

LOL riding bikes really blows sometimes.

When you need to wrestle your bike to get on, maybe you should just go back to bed.

Doesn’t get much fresher than that. Wiggle, wiggle.

The fish was too fresh…

Pretty shocking that she climbed all the way up there.

10k Volt shock

This is clearly proof of alternate dimensions, wormholes, and what not.


Visual representation of being a Iowa State Cyclone fan.

Balls of Steel

You won’t catch me living somewhere that this is even possible – nope.

Wild elephant charges into village

Fuck your Toyota bitch, I got a big tractor thing.

Construction Site Escalation

What a save, though.

Oof…Nobody saw that

Still the dorkiest dance of all time.

Irish breakdancing

I want to party with this dude!

A guy tests out a pair of tasers on his face from gifs

And last but not least, the greatest tweet of all time.

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