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The Internet: Week In Review – 2/21/2017

Can you believe this weather we’re having? Is anyone else tired of hearing that already? Well we’re all going to burn this summer, so enjoy it while it lasts! Totally kidding. I hope you had a great Monday, and enjoy this week’s finds!

Not only is this dude on the market for a new motorbike, I’m guessing he had to find some new jockey shorts as well.


This was just an awesome video. I’m sure you’ve seen it, but it’s too good not to include.

Simply hilarious, or poor taste?

Found my next Halloween Costume.

This just seems like the best invention I’ve seen in quite some time. Super duper invention!

Remote control buoy. 

Her: “Why don’t you come over?”
Him: “Well it’s flooding pretty badly right now.”
Her: “Well my parents are gone and we have pizza rolls!”
Him: “Say no more!”

Calculated Risk

This is some disaster movie bullshit right here.

When the trees are trying to kill you

I’m a huge chickenshit when it comes to stuff like this, but holy crap this made my palms sweat.

Would you ride?

Again, why is this a thing? Are we this goddamn bored with life?

Dangle me off of this building please from WTF

Now that winter is over, this is my goal for next year. What a badass outfit.

This horse-man is really into fitness it seems.

Crossfit Horse

Oh man, this is just a crushing display of not lifting with our legs. You’ve got to get down low my man.

Dude Crushed By Refrigerator (Survived)

Get’s legs cut off in 3…2…

World’s first fully-manned hoverbike

“Hey Ricky, hold my beer man!”

Can I pet your alligator?

This has to be from a movie or something. Still, if it’s not, how drunk was this dude?

Dude just can’t seem to figure out driving a moped.
by inWTF

I flipped out when I found this one…

Backflip racing

And here is your weekly amazing earth pic. I mean this is just incredible.

Canyonlands National Park [OC] – [5833 x 3889]
byu/Calculus08 inEarthPorn

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