August 21, 2017

TGS Pro Weekly 2.05: Lets get Boogie with it

Lets get Boogie with it

The day finally happened, Austin made one to many Dolphins jokes and now he is on paid suspension.  Never fear though, AJ and Jared are still here and they have called in the smartest NBA mind at TGS Jared Stansbury to help lead TGS PW through the 2nd half of the NBA season and into the beginning of baseball.


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Jared Stansbury 9 Articles
Staff Writer

Jared is from the booming metropolis of Clarinda, Iowa. He writes full-time about football and basketball for one of only two websites that can match this one, CycloneFanatic. After a less than stellar freshman season on the Simpson College basketball team, he made his (goat emoji) life decision, and transferred to Iowa State. He's not a drop-out, and in fact graduated with a degree in Journalism in 2016. When he isn't writing or working, which is almost never, you can find Jared on his couch with his dog, chasing said dog in the street, on the side of the road with a flat tire, or sipping some ice cold Busch Light. Jared is also fond of the NBA and rap music, both of which he will write about for The Tailgate Society.

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