July 14, 2024


In this installment of ICBYHST (I can’t believe you haven’t seen that!) I have been tasked with watching the movie Friday, after I made the remarking that I had never seen it on a podcast. I was told by many senior writers that if I didn’t make time for the movie, they would all resign at the same time and make it their goal to publicly tarnish my name. So in lieu of soiling my good name, I sat down one hungover Sunday morning and I started Friday.

Since I assume everyone has seen Friday, so I don’t feel like I need to drop a spoiler warning for a 20-year old film. But if you feel like I ruined Friday feel free to send all complaints to @Jared_Leeper on Twitter.

All I knew of Friday was that it had Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, of Money Talks fame, in it. Friday was released in the theaters in 1995, so let’s say I missed it in the first theatrical run. I am kind of surprised that at no point in the last 20 years have any of my friends popped in a VHS or DVD of the film. The worst thing about catching popular movies so many years after they have come out, is realizing how many pop culture moments you catch that you didn’t know were from the film. That can ruin a good film, and this movie has that in spades.

Let’s start with the most obvious one – and I feel terrible about this. All through my 20s I used the quote “You just got knocked the fuck out!” I did not know that came from this movie. Both times Chris Tucker uses the line are great. If we are being honest here, Chris Tucker is the star of the film, and finding out he doesn’t return to either of the sequels is kind of bummer. At the same time, it means I don’t need to watch any of the sequels either, so I guess that is a blessing?

It is funny watching this movie after watching Straight out of Compton because they shoe horned a “Bye Felicia” into that film – if you are into those wink at the audience moments in films. Also, how many youths do you think use that DAAAAAAAAAMN gif without knowing what film it’s from? I’ll bet it’s over 50 percent.

Ted Flint | The Tailgate Society

As for the film itself, I can see why so many teens of the 90s enjoyed the film. It is mostly about hanging out with a friend and making each other laugh. But for a film that is 80 percent comedy, it gets surprisingly dark at the end. The part with the drive by, and Deebo beating up a woman before Craig and Deebo have their final confrontation, seems like something that should have been in another film.  Seeing that the film is directed F. Gary Gray doesn’t surprise me though, because he mostly does more serious films. Also a tiny bit of trivia – he is directing the new Fast & Furious film.

This movie has some very funny parts, and I laughed plenty of times. It makes a good movie if you are looking to unplug for a few hours. They should have a disclaimer at the beginning saying that this movie will make you want to smoke weed. That being said, I am not sure how I feel about the ending. Overall, I would recommend that you watch this.

Four beers out of a sixer on the Ted Flint Rating Scale (trademark pending)

Random Cameo Before they were Famous Award goes to Michael Clark Duncan (RIP) hanging out behind Deebos in the following scene.

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