July 13, 2024

Drunk Dialing 2.02: We’re Just Getting Started

Ted and Jared are back with another episode of Drunk Dialing, and they are ready to party. It’s officially been one year since We’re Not That Drunk started, and it has been a BOOMING success. Since WNTD’s inception, TGS has blossomed into what you see on this wonderful website, and the TGS Podcast Network now features five prominent series. Tami and Tom Hyde drop by to chat, along with the callers, to discuss near death experiences and the random topics that always seem to make their way onto Drunk Dialing.

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Ted Flint
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Ted's friends often refer to him as the “Angry Panda" because of his cuddly, teddy bear-like nature and his fierce loyalty to those close to him. He's also not afraid to bite if you cross him or any of his allies. Born and bred in small town, southeastern Iowa, Ted took his Iowa State degree and moved to Kansas of all places. Ted loves to hold on to those small town roots though, by refusing to acknowledge any music made after 2005. His major goals include making the internet fun again, seeing the Cubs win a World Series live, and having a beer with Jon Stewart. This website is a step toward one of those goals.

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