July 13, 2024

The Internet: Week In Review – 1/10/2017

Well we’re a third of the way through January already! Can you believe that? Crazy stuff. Well here’s some internet content I thought was worthy of this weeks review, enjoy!

Harry Potter is >>> Than the Beatles if we’re being honest, so this makes sense.

Came across this photo and it was just too damn cool not to share.

Overlooking the canyon

This is creepy and sad all at the same time, snake was such a underrated cell phone game! Most of you won’t get this reference

The soul of a Nokia from creepy

This person is taking multitasking to new and better heights, that sidewalk is going to look amazing when they’re done.


KG still out here torching dudes, his reputation for trash talk is legendary and he shows it right here.

“Is she looking at me?” LOL the side eye is fantastic “help me man” I think he’s in trouble.

The look of pure guilt

My goodness this is incredible, even in my glory days many many years ago I couldn’t touch this level of beer chugging.

Girl sculling beer in just seconds

There’s a lot of backstory to this dude evidently he was a popular “freerunner” which is pretty interesting stuff, check out his videos here https://youtu.be/daXaR_gdDmg pretty incredible agility.

Aspirational Goals 2017: Stay Fat, Gain Agility

No idea what this light bulb is on but there is no salary amount high enough for me to take that job. Like no freaking way in hell.

The worst light bulb in the world to change

There is no way of knowing if this will be my last post with two bigger guys doing cartwheels but this one of Farley is peak Chris Farley and its great. Man that dude was hilarious and we lost his brilliance way too soon.

Chris Farley

Obi-Wan might not have been entirely honest with this back story, just a tad bit of sugar coating.

Obi-Wan Remembers The Truth from videos

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