July 14, 2024

The Internet: Week in Review – 1/17/17

Well if you’re reading this that means we all survived WINTER STORM JUPITER so great job on living through such a massive and devastating ordeal! Hopefully I dug deep enough into the interwebs and found you some solid content, enjoy you filthy animals.

This would be like 99% of all of our reactions if we were put in this situation amiright?

Not sure I’ve seen anyone get this high up since maybe Vince Carter in his UNC days? This is insane.

Well the thought had never crossed my mind that CJM’s would infiltrate the world of dirt track racing twitter, what a time to be alive!

Luke should have told him what she said…

"Want me to tell dad anything for you?"

Wonder if this person lived and how their next few days went?

Medium-rare Chicken Strips from facepalm

This is one of the most accurate representations of parenting, they’re always around and usually the reason is for the food you have. Also those chip fry things are really good.

How to tell if baby is awake back there.

Yet another of many, many reasons to just stay on dry land and never enter the ocean…ever

Diver narrowly avoids getting eaten by a shark

Check out this clever photo shop they did of one of the docking procedures during a “Moon landing”

Apollo 16 ascent stage docking

This weeks “earth porn” amazing view.

The undulating Navajo sandstone formations of ‘The Wave’ resting under the galactic core! 6th tries at the ticket lottery to get here- totally worth it. North Coyote Butte, Arizona. [OC] [1795×2048] from EarthPorn

Exhibit B of the reasons to never get into the ocean.

Wrong place, at the worst time

This is like the fourth of fifth week in a row with a bear gif or video. Some great bear material out there folks and I’m the guy that will find it for you.

I’ve been asked how I find all these internet gems? well I just….browse for them

The eyebrow king
byu/GallowBoob inpics

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