July 13, 2024

Australian Open Finals preview

A legendary final

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Talk about a final of legends. If you are a tennis fan this is a must watch Australian Open final. Both the men’s and the women’s finals will be legendary match ups. Serena and Venus Williams on the women’s side and Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on the men’s side.

Both sets of players are currently the number 1 and 2 in active tennis player grand slam wins; Serena at 22, Venus at 7, Federer at 17, Nadal at 15. Both sets of players are playing each other for the 9th time in a grand slam final.

This Australian open is already set to become an instant classic on both sides. Serena will be looking to break the all time grand slam win record, currently held by tennis legend, Steffi Graf at 22. Can Serena overcome the spotlight of the all time record and defeat her own sister, Venus, to solely claim that spot?

The women’s final has high stakes with family and records to be broken. It will be great to sit back and watch how the drama unfolds.

The men’s final reignites a legendary rivalry that most people probably never saw coming. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are getting close to the end of their careers and have already well defined their legacy. Nadal has run into recent trouble with injury. In 2014-2015, Nadal showed signs of decline in his play and early exits in various tournaments showed that to be the case. It appeared to be the tail end of Nadal’s outstanding career, but here we are in 2017 and Nadal has found new life and made it to the finals of the Australian Open, how fitting is it that he goes against none other than Roger Federer.

American tennis great Andre Agassi recently was quoted talking about Roger Federer saying, (and I paraphrase)

“We need to savor Roger Federer while we can. He is a once in a lifetime talent.”

In the tennis world and given where Federer is in his career, he has no logical business being in this final. Federer is 35 years old which in the tennis world is old and close to retirement, for reference Andre Agassi announced retirement at age 35 and Pete Sampras at age 32. On top of his age, Federer recently tore his meniscus while bathing his kids. He had to take 6 months off to recover from knee surgery. After a 6 months of recovery, Federer played in one tournament before the Australian Open. In the tennis world, it is absolutely astounding and mind boggling to see how Federer has made his way back to a grand slam final.

Take note and savor this historic Australian Open. There are records to be broken, rivalries to be renewed, and legacies to be added to.

Women Finals:

Who: (2) Serena Williams vs. (13) Venus Williams

When: Jan 28, 2:00 AM (CT)

Channel: ESPN

Serena Williams and Venus Williams will face off in the Australian Open finals. This is the 9th time in their careers they have faced each other in a grand slam final. Serena will be looking to win her 23rd grand slam against her sister Venus who will be going for her 8th grand slam.


Men Finals:

Who: (9) Rafael Nadal vs. (17) Roger Federer

When: Jan 29, 2:00 AM (CT)

Channel: ESPN

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will face off in the Australian Open Finals. This is the 9th time in their careers they have faced each other in a grand slam final. Rafael will be looking to win his 15th grand slam against Roger who will be going for his 18th grand slam.

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