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Weekend Binge – 12/17/16

This week, two new contributors made their debut. Please help us welcome Spencer and Kelby and give their first pieces a read! This week perfectly encapsulates what the originally thought The Tailgate Society could be. We touched on politics, movies, video games, had some fun on the internet, covered a variety of sports topics, and tackled some cultural issues.

If you missed any of it, go ahead and give these articles a read and podcasts a listen. Enjoy!

The Oregon Standoff – One year(ish) later – Tami Dooley

Many Americans around the country are unfamiliar with the situation that’s been ongoing in the Pacific Northwest. There’s a battle going on about land rights, that has far reaching Constitutional and race implications. Tami has you covered from beginning to end, including how it may impact you.

It would be good for America to demonstrate that it’s not okay for people of any race to threaten others with weapons and just…take over federal property whenever they want. However, America rarely does what is good for itself.

Well, Actually 1.09: micdrop dot gif – Nicole Gustafson & Tami Dooley

On The Tailgate Society’s fastest growing podcast, Nicole and Tami are joined by Arnold to discuss NFL firings, including Jeff Fisher, and how people seem to fail upward in sports. They also touch on an extremely popular Twitter thread that took the internet by storm this past weekend. In addition, they discuss Barstool Sports’ sexist tweet and Nicole unleashes some vitriol directed toward defenders of said tweet.

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The Internet: Week in Review – 12/13/16 – Jared Smith

Just when you thought the internet is a place filled with hate and unrelenting political debate, Jared is here to remind you that it’s not all bad. Check out his Internet Week in Review, where he shows you the funniest, most beautiful, and most compelling gifs, memes, pictures, and content on the internet this past week.

This is NSFW but at this point it’s probably too late and hopefully it’s playing out loud by now, good luck!

POLLitically Incorrect – 12/13/16 – Tom Danielson

Who doesn’t love a good fight about sports rankings? This week Tom takes specific issue with Kansas being ahead of Baylor, Kentucky being as high as they are, and voters’ refusal to correct their issues week to week.

There were no changes to the top-11 this week. My problem with that is that the top-11 wasn’t right last week! Keeping rankings the same just because everybody won, doesn’t fix problems you already had, just buries them deeper.

Titanfall 2 Review – Brett Stiles

A while back, Brett and AJ constructed a holiday gift guide for those on your list that are hoping to get some new video game content this year. This week Brett took to reviewing Titanfall 2 to give you more information as you make your holiday purchases this year. Check out the review and find the full holiday list in this game review.

Titanfall 2 picks up a solo campaign that its predecessor did not have. the first installment got criticized for not having any campaign whatsoever so the addition of the campaign was welcomed. Unfortunately, it is short lived.

What makes a great time travel movie? – Jared Smith

As a longtime fan of time travel movies, Jared has some opinions as to what constitutes a good one. If Twitter is any indication, some of our readers agree and some don’t. Where do you stand on his criteria and top five list? Decide for yourself.

I’m guessing if you’re reading this you are interested in and have probably seen most if not all of these movies. What makes a great time travel movie?

My experiences in sports media – Spencer Kietzman

Sports Media is an interesting landscape that doesn’t get talked about all too often. Spencer fills us in on his personal experiences, how he ended up where he is, what the state of the industry is today, and where it could be headed.

At first I didn’t care, I didn’t have aspirations for being the popular guy that everyone, and all the girls liked. I was just a skinny, zit-faced loud-mouth who played golf.

TGS Pro Weekly 1.13: THE END OF THE YEAR EXTRAVAGANZA!!! – Austin Narber, Jared Leeper, AJ Speck & Ted Flint

The whole crew is back to review everything that happened in 2016 and hand out awards in their final show of the year. What was the best blown 3-1 lead, best story and worst story in each of the major professional sports, and what inspired them? Check it out in this week’s TGS Pro Weekly Podcast.

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunesStitcher or almost every podcast application to stay up to date on each of the four podcasts distributed by The Tailgate Society.

#TBT: Santas from Christmas Past – Ted Flint

Just when you thought Christmas is all fun and games, our gracious overlord had to go and ruin it all for you. Check out some of history’s creepiest Santas in this week’s Throwback Thursday. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CLOWNS?!

Santa is a jolly, happy, fat man. Always has been, always will be, right? Well I thought so, until I started looking into some old photos…enjoy!

NFL Week 15 – Preview – Janice Morin

The NFL Playoff picture is starting to form, but the scenarios are insanely confusing. Let Janice work through the weeds for you and fill you in on what all the scenarios are, what you should watch, and who you should root for this weekend depending on your allegiances.

The Raiders fell to the 5th seed after losing to the Chiefs last week. They can clinch a playoff spot with a win. OR a tie and a Miami loss. OR a tie and a Denver loss. OR a tie, Miami tie, and a Denver tie. OR like 5 other scenarios that are just ridiculous.

Why it’s important to read books by POC – Kelby Wingert

Given the recent political discourse surrounding the 2016 election, it’s more important than ever that we as Americans open our eyes and ears to issues that affect all Americans. In Kelby’s first TGS piece she explains the importance of reading books written by people of color and offers some suggestions for your winter reading list.

Reading literature by authors from different backgrounds makes it easier to understand and feel compassion for others’ struggles in life. As responsible human beings, I feel that this is our responsibility to the world around us.

Friday Degenerate Board – 12/16/16 – Tom Danielson

We’re not big advocates of gambling here at The Tailgate Society, but our resident degenerate hauled in $1,800 last week, so maybe he’s on to something. Tom gives you his best bets for this weekend as he looks to continue his hot streak.

It was by far our best week and we raked an $1,800 profit with another $1,000 left on the board to win (go Chiefs).

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