October 1, 2022

Weekend Binge – 12/24/16

On behalf of the entire Tailgate Society staff, I’d love to wish you a Merry Christmas to you and your family. It’s been a fun four month ride thus far and we’re looking forward to growing and improving with some exciting changes in the new year.

In the meantime if you need a distraction from your family in written or podcast form, here’s everything that went on here this week.

Drunk Dialing 1.13: Yippee ki yay, Mr. Falcon – Ted Flint, Jared Smith & Tami Dooley

Regardless of which side you’re on, you have to hear this debate on the Movie Elf and whether or not it is Christmas trash. As always, the hosts take listener calls, give advice, and pose some off the wall questions.

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Giving helped me cope with being broke at Christmas – Sarah Kelly Shannon

Money is always seemingly tight around the holidays, but as Sarah Kelly Shannon discovered, oftentimes giving can be the real gift of the season. Read her stories about how a pair of Adidas Sambas truly became Christmas shoes.

This holiday season, don’t forget to give to someone in need. Maybe your own friends or family are in need; maybe you like to donate your time. There’s real joy in sacrificing for others because it all counts, I think, toward making the world look more like it should.

The Internet: Week in Review – 12/20/16 – Jared Smith

Politics, famous tall people, infrared cameras and of course, Jesus, headline this week’s Internet review.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Charlie the venus flytrap!!! from gifs

POLLitically Incorrect – 12/20/16 – Tom Danielson

What in the actual hell are AP voters doing with Indiana? Tom Crean’s squad is dealing with a mountain of disrespect after losing to Butler on a neutral floor.

So what am I most upset about this week? We’ve reached the point in the season where you move down, often far too much, simply because you lose. Voters don’t care who you lost to, or who teams that moved up beat, they just drop you for losing because they refuse to pay attention.

Tuesday Top Ten: Christmas Destinations – Travis Halm

It seems we have bucket lists for everything today, and Christmas destinations should be no exception. Thankfully, Travis went ahead and tackled this most difficult task for you.

This week in the Group of Five: Bowlmas Edition – Tami Dooley

With the abundance of Bowl games, someone should really recap the important and fun ones for you so you don’t get stuck watching awful football on your break this year. Oh wait, that’s what Tami already did for you.

On Friday, the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl kicks off with Eastern Michigan vs. Old Dominion. TBH, I’m far too lazy to look up a damn thing about these teams, but I do remember that EMU has a bitchin’ grey field and pushed the vaunted Western Michigan Broncos to their limit for about a half in their regular season matchup.

Rocket League Review – Brett Stiles

After reviewing Titanfall 2 just a week ago, Brett sets his sights on another game on many people’s holiday wish lists – Rocket League.

All great games have a common factor. Great game play. What Rocket League does well is that the core mechanics and controls are simple enough that anyone of any skill level can pick up this game and play with relative ease.

Well, Actually 1.10 – Well, Actually Nation – Tami Dooley & Nicole Gustafson

On this episode of Well, Actually, Nicole and Tami hit on a lot of topics including the stupidity of icing the kicker, feminist leaders selling out, misogyny in Minnesota, and end it on a lighter note about the holidays. Come join in the Well, Actually fun!

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Holiday Gift Giving: So you want to buy a guitar – JT Nutt

Buying a guitar for yourself or a loved one can be far more complicated that simply ordering one off of Amazon. JT walks you through the things you need to know before purchasing and getting started with the guitar.

As Flynn says, “If it doesn’t feel good in your hands, you aren’t going to play it.” If you are dropping that much money on something, it should feel right.

Questions I have about The Santa Clause – Dana Melcher

I’m sure you all remember The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen from your childhood days. Well Dana went back and rewatched this classic after a decade and it left her with a bunch of unanswered questions.

Key lime disease? What? I know what lyme disease is. But key lime disease? Does it involve pie? Maybe bacteria found in warm pie? Is it a thing? (I looked it up. It’s not.)

Friday Degenerate Board – 12/23/16 – Tom Danielson

It seems that we’re waiting around week after week for our resident degenerate to really take a hit to his bank account, but for some reason, he keeps on winning! After another $300+ haul last week, he sets his sights on some bigger numbers.

Unfortunately for us, Andy Reid iced the kicker and gave the Titans a second shot, which they made and won the game. Horrible, just horrible.

Happy Festivus, ya filthy animals – Nicole Gustafson

Today is Christmas Eve, but yesterday was Festivus, and Nicole took full advantage, but airing some grievances before the real holiday hits.

Winter weather, you are the douche bro of weather. From the bottom of my heart, I hate you and piss off.

Merry Christmas!

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